Our Biggest Weekend

This weekend on the 26th and 27th of May, Ieuan and I were lucky enough to get tickets to both days of BBC Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend in Singleton Park Swansea, Wales. Swansea is about an hour and forty five minute drive from where we live in Pembrokeshire. We drove up on Friday and stayed up with a friend 30 minutes from Singleton Park.



We we woke up around 7:30am, the festival gates opened around 10:30 so with a half an hour walk ahead of us I wanted to be ready in enough time. (Check out my ‘Festival Makeup’ Blog post to see how I looked all ready for my day). Unfortunately, I woke up feeling extremely anxious, feeling sick and shaky. It took me a while to compose myself to get ready but luckily Ieuan is extremely good at helping me feel ok. By 9:15am we were ready to head off on our half an hour walk to Singleton Park.

10:30am and we were in the festival. It was incredible, stages, rides, food stands, portaloos and glittered faces in all directions. Ed Sheeran was the first act on the Main Stage and would be starting off our Saturday at 12:00 so Ieuan and I decided to go and get a good spot in the crowd. Positioned nicely we had about a an hour and fifteen minute wait for Ed Sheeran and my goodness was it worth it. He was absolutely incredible, he is one of the best performers when it comes to stage presence, just him and his guitar and he lights up the stage! We stayed in the same spot and waited thirty minutes for Anne-Marie who was on next. Again, so worth the wait, she is definitely one of my favourite artists at the moment, I love all of her songs and she is insanely talented.

We decided to go for a wander after these performances. Enduring the delights of festival portaloos and visiting the bar and grabbing some food, by this time I was feeling a little better so I decided to join Ieuan in having a couple of drinks and some curly fries. Next we went to the Other Stage as Ieuan wanted to watch NOT3S, I am not a fan but Ieuan really enjoyed. We made our way back to the Main Stage to watch George Ezra and OMG he was absolutely incredible! I am going to say that he was my ultimate favourite of the day (and possibly the whole weekend)! He performed my absolute favourite song ‘Shotgun’ and that’s all I wanted to I was over the moon! We then watched Years & Years and then Clean Bandit, whose performance were both very good!

Next we made our way closer to the Main Stage and waited for Ieuan’s highlight of the weekend – Craig David. Who was absolutely fantastic! Ieuan was thrilled and even though I am not as big a fan as Ieuan is of him I honestly enjoyed myself so much! Not to mention the moment he brought out Dan Smith of Bastille to perform their song together! After Craig David we made our way to watch Bastille in the Other Stage and they brought Craig David out to perform the song with them! Bastille were the last act we watched and by goodness what a way to end Saturday. They were amazing!

So with day one over we arrived back at our friends house at around 10:45, absolutely exhausted, with sore legs and backs, but absolutely buzzing with how amazing the day was! Better again we had another day to enjoy tomorrow!


We woke up at 8:00am as the gates weren’t opening until 11:00am today. (Check out my ‘Festival Makeup’ post for how I was ready for day 2). I woke up slightly anxious again today, slightly better than yesterday and got over it quicker too! By about 10:15 we were ready to go again, stopping for a meal deal at Tesco we got to the festival at 11:00ish. My two friends would be attending today so we met them which was super exciting! I know what you are thinking poor Ieuan having to endure three girls all day, but don’t worry we met with his friends too! We all made our way to the Main Stage ready for Rita Ora to open at 12:00 and oh my gosh she was brilliant. If we are saying people were brilliant then Niall Horan who was on after was just that! He has always been a big crush of mine, since the One Direction days and although I didn’t think I was that excited for him when he came out I was ecstatic! Amazing!!

The most exciting act for me to watch and the one I had been anticipating most AND the one who I actually wore printed on my top for the whole day was Demi Lovato. She has always been an idol of mine, since 2008, since Camp Rock and every day since. She’s taught me not to be ashamed of what I feel and of course to be confident in who I am! Seeing her live was one of the most incredible moments of my life, one of my bucket list items ticket off right there! Even better that I got to experience it with my friend Carys who feels the same about Demi as I do.

Jason Derulo was next and us girls left the boys to go and watch him and he isn’t half a performer, dancing, singing and giving it all he had, insane! Our group took a seat on the grass a little back from the Main Stage and watched Camila Cabello, who has such a gorgeous voice! From there it was another Ieuan act – J Hus in the Other Tent so he and I left the group. Again I am not a fan but I really enjoyed the performance and Ieuan was incredibly happy to have watched him so I was happy! After that we grabbed some food and couple of drinks and we met the group back where we had made camp back from the Main Stage where 30 Seconds to Mars were now performing and what a performance that was! Jerad Leto got all a bunch of fans on stage to dance with him and everything.

I didn’t think I was as excited for Taylor Swift as I ended up being in anticipation for her to start her set. I know I’ve said it about literally every performance but again she was amazing! Again amazing being able to watch her with my friends. After Taylor shook it off my friends headed off on their drive back to Pembrokeshire and I found Ieuan again. Next and lastly for us was James Bay at the Other Stage again. What a way to end our Biggest Weekend experience! Incredible.

And there we have it a rather summarised description of what I did this weekend with some amazing company! My legs are sore, my voice is gone, I have blisters BUT I have had the BEST weekend ever!! Amazing performances, amazing atmosphere and amazing company! Can’t thank BBC Radio 1 enough for putting on such an amazing festival and providing a once in a life time experience!IMG_7665

Beth x

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