Manchester Shopping Haul

As you know (or if you don’t know check out my ‘Our Manchester Trip’ blog post) Ieuan and I went shopping during our Manchester trip. So now is the perfect time to do my first ever Haul blog post! So if you’d like to have a nose at what drained my bank balance while I was on my trip keep reading, I’ll also give a bit of an insight on why I got certain things so I’ll help you get to know me a little and learn what I like too!

I had written a list in the months leading up to this Manchester trip of things that I needed. So I wasn’t going into the shops blind, I had an idea of what I needed and why not get a few extras and treat myself while I’m at it! Saying that with a Holiday next month I didn’t go too wild on the spending and did walk away from a few things that I didn’t think were justifiable to buy *sobs*.


The first stand I needed to get to was NYX Cosmetics (one of my absolute favourite brands EVER). I have used their Total Drop Foundation for a while now and I needed some more so I grabbed some. I am currently between shades so I mix Porcelain and Light Ivory. I love this for an everyday makeup if I want to be more than casual but less than full glam makeup. It’s good coverage and buildable and I like to apply it with a beauty blender or a brush. Next I wanted to try the HD studio photogenic concealer, I’d seen a lot of reviews on this and wanted to give it a try so I grabbed that in the lightest shade. I needed a new felt tip liner as mine was running out so again I had seen a few reviews on this one being good so I picked up the Epic Ink Liner in black. This is waterproof so hopefully will last a long time! I wanted a quick and easy eyebrow product for when I am doing a casual look or even just going to work,  I was planning on getting a pencil or something but when I saw the NYX tinted brow mascara I thought I’d give it a go. I could have got a LOT more of the products NYX had, but like I said I didn’t think getting unnecessary things was justifiable at the moment. I do have enough NYX products to do a ‘Full face of NYX products’ now so let me know if you’d like to see something like that!


Next I went to find Rimmel. I used to use their Wake Me Up foundation constantly when I was in school (about 4 years ago). When I ran out of my NYX total drop foundation I had to use the Wake Me Up as a substitute while I waited to get some more. While using this I remembered why I loved it so much a few years ago. I decided to grab a new bottle and grab the concealer as well. I like using this foundation when I want a super light coverage foundation, it is lightweight and you can see my freckles through it. It also has SPF 20 in it which is perfect as I like to wear this on days where I am going out for the day or something, and it does last all day too.


I went to the Benefit stand next and grabbed their Porefessional Pore Primer. In all honesty I am not a big Benefit girl, it’s quite expensive and I can’t really justify buying much of it (as much as I would love to!) but I was given a Benefit mini set by my sister for Christmas and this was one of the things inside. I have sworn by it when doing full  coverage, full glam looks, it gives such a flawless base by filling in all your pores! I love it! As it was a mini I did run out so needed to re buy and because I use it so much I decided to get a big tube of it!


Next I looked for the Beauty Accessories. My current Beauty Blender has run its course with holes and splits so I treated myself to a new one. I also picked up two packs of the Oval Pads (I have already opened one). I use these to remove make up with Micellar water and I use cleaner and toner with them. I don’t have a preference on what type or size they are but these ones were on offer so I picked them up.

My current shampoo and conditioner are almost empty so I decided to pick some more up while we were in boots. I’d seen adverts for this new L’Oreal shampoo and conditioner and I am currently growing my hair out as much as I can to try to cut off the blonde instead of redying it (I will be doing a blog post on my hair update when I get it done). I thought this shampoo and conditioner is worth trying to give my longer hair a new lease of life, so we’ll see how that works soon.


The last thing I wanted to get from boots was a loose powder, I didn’t have a brand preference but it was a struggle to find some. I like a translucent powder as I find the coloured ones tend to make my pale skin a little orange. After some looking around all the brands I found one in L’Oreal and I have seen a few people use this so I thought I would give it a try to see what I thought of it.


New Look

The first thing I knew I wanted was a reddy colour top to go with a skirt I have for my holiday. As soon as we walked in I found this one. It is exactly what I was looking for, cropped and off the shoulder and the colour was perfect!


As I was really saving most of my clothes shopping for if we were to find a Primark I didn’t get many items of clothing. I grabbed some new underwear while I was here as well as this top (no pictures of those I’m afraid). I needed a new purse as the zip on mine was broken so I found one at New Look. I liked this one as it was big enough and a lovely colour. I also got a pair of sunglasses, I haven’t got a picture of these as I have already started wearing them and I can’t remember where I’ve put them!



As you know if you read my ‘Our Manchester Trip’ blog post I thought I wasn’t going to get a chance in a Primark but we found one and I went wild – maybe slightly straying from the list I had! I knew I needed a dress for a wedding party this month and I found one!  As soon as I saw this gorgeous orange colour I knew I wanted this dress! The quality is amazing. I’ll pair this with a nude heel for the party and now I can’t wait!


I saw a pair of jeans that I really liked, I walked away from them a few times but in the end I decided to pick them up. They’re quite different with the lines down the side. Another thing that caught my eye was this stunning mustard colour jumper (I have already worn it before taking the picture). Unfortunately, on the rack it wasn’t in my size BUT luck was on my size as on a completely different rack on the other side of the shop there was one in the size I wanted so I grabbed it! I am a size 8 but I get Primark t-shirts and jumpers in bigger sizes as I like them baggier. I think these two will make a good outfit paired together.

A bright blue top caught my eye while walking around the shop, it was on the reduced rack for £2 so I was not going to leave it there. I also saw a rack of skirts full of different colours the same as my blue one I wore the night before and as I love that one so much I decided to pick it up in another colour.

I then found the accessory aisle and picked up some fake  eyelashes. I am not the most educated eyelash wearer but now and again I do like wearing them so I grabbed this pack. I also picked up two packs (I have already opened one pack) of the cucumber face wipes as they smell incredible!

Last but not least I picked up a new mug for work. Surprisingly it was the only thing I picked up from the Harry Potter section this time. Proud Hufflepuff over here! This mug definitely cheers up my office.


**I am going to apologise for the pictures of clothes I have taken, I am still getting my head around all this picture-taking and stuff! In hindsight I probably should have worn the clothes to show them!**

So that’s everything I bought on our trip to Manchester. Thanks for reading and again if you have any advice on how to improve next time or ideas on what I can do next please let me know.

Beth x

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