What I’m taking on Holiday – beauty

I am going on a family holiday to Bulgaria. I thought this is an ideal time to show you what hair and beauty products are making it into my case. If you would like to know what I’ll be taking for my holiday beauty looks then keep reading! (Just a little side note that some of the images of things I’m taking are from the internet as they havent arrived yet).

Make up

I don’t wear makeup in the day on holiday so this will be for my evening meals and cocktails. First things first I’ll show you guys the makeup bag I am choosing to bring with me! It’s this cute little Hufflepuff bag I got from Primark in Oxford. It’s actually two bags in one I am hoping for the benefit of space in our case that everything I am bringing will fit into the smaller yellow one but if not then the bigger clear one is big enough! I might sway towards the bigger one if I want to put all of my brushes and makeup all together.


 First of all in my make up bag will be my skin prep products. I always pop some suncream on my face before my makeup if it’s sunny and of course on holiday it will be. I like to use the Australian Gold factor 30 on my face as it isn’t extremely greasy and it smells amazing. I do use it on my body too but this one will just stay in my makeup bag. I’m never really sure if I need a moisturizer as well as suncream but I’ll be bringing my Simple Oil Balancing one with me, I really love this one under makeup and since using it my skin has never felt better. Next I’ll be bringing my Benefit Porefessional Primer, I use this on my nose, chin and forehead just to smooth out the pores and prep for makeup. I will also be using my Mac Prep & Prime as a primer over that, I find it’s a nice light primer for the rest of my face.

After a lot of two and froing with myself as to which foundation to bring, I decided on the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in Ivory. I am hoping my skin is clear and freckly for our holiday so I don’t really want a full coverage foundation. With it being hot and humid I really want my skin to breathe through what I’m wearing as well. I’ll be bringing my Real Techniques blending sponge (damp) to apply and blend that. I also decided to take the Wake Me Up Concealer in Ivory and my trusty Collection concealer in Fair, in case I do I have a break out. I apply my concealer with a smaller blending sponge (damp), I find this one gets right into the inside area of my eye.

With the weather being hot and humid I think I am going to need to set and/or bake my face A LOT. I’ve decided to take my L’Oreal powder. Depending on if I am baking or just powdering I either use a damp blending brush or my fluffy Revolution brush that I have had for years.

To bronze up I’m going with my Benefit Hula Bronzer and my Bodyshop bronzer I like to apply the Benefit on with a Real Techniques buffing brush. Once I am happy with that I take the Bodyshop bronzer on my cheeks with a Real Techniques contour brush and then blend that again with the buffing brush.

For blush it has to be the Kylie Cosmetics blush in X Rated. I love this colour. I just apply that with the  same contour brush as before on the apples of my cheeks. For highlight I will be bringing 3 different ones; Cover FX enhancer drops in Sunlight, Sleek Solstice palette and NYX Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder in Twilight. I just apply the drops with a damp sponge and the others with a fluffy brush.

For brows it’s my NYX brow pomade all the way! I use the EcoTools eyeliner brush to apply this. I’ll be taking my tinted eyebrow gel with me too to set them into place.

It’s been really difficult for me to decide which eyeshadow palette’s to leave behind. I’ve finally decided to pack my Mac palette and my NYX Ultimate shadow palette. I think the Mac one has a good variety of nudes and the NYX Ultimate will be good for a pop of colour. I wont be going all out with eye looks during this holiday so these will be perfect. I apply these with a few different brushes. I have a couple of Real Techniques ones and then a cute little set I got from Amazon, they’re incredible quality. (I do need to wash them so apologies for that)!

I will be packing my Rimmel Soft Kohl white eyeliner pencil and my NYX felt tip liner. I’ll take a sharpener with me just incase. My Soap & Glory Thick & Fast mascara will be coming to finish off my eye look.

Lips again was a struggle to decide what to leave behind but I made the decision to bring my Kylie Cosmetics Koko Collection lipsticks and gloss. I feel like this collection has a good neutral and pops of colour as well as a gloss and I love them all. I’ll also be bringing my Soap & Glory Sexy mother pucker gloss and a Nivea Lip butter.

I’ll be using my Mac Prep & Prime as a setting spray then too.


As you can tell most of the things in this section have recently been ordered. I wanted smaller products than the usual size ones I have at home. I haven’t tried any of these products before so I hope they work for me! The Garnier Ultimate Blends hair oil I have and love. I use apply this to my wet hair to protect it before I blowdry it. I am going to be taking a hair dryer and straighteners with me but I’m not sure if I will use them. I got the Toni & Guy salt spray as I don’t usually like doing much with my hair on holiday so I can just pop some of this in it for a bit of texture in the evenings. I may not need any dry shampoo as I do tend to wash my hair every day on holiday as with sun cream and chlorine it does need washing regularly. So I picked up with Lee Stafford mini one just in case. I needed to get a less bulky shampoo and conditioner to take with me on holiday but as I will be sharing with Ieu a mini set wouldn’t have been enough! I chose the Yes to Blueberries one as I find the tubes this shape take up less room and I love blueberries. It also says for frizzy hair so I think this would work well in the humidity and heat. Lastly I picked a John Freida hair spray. Again in a smaller size as I wont need much.



Just a few random body bits that will be in my suitcase now. Most importantly I think when it comes to holiday is suncream. My family swears by Soltan, we like the Protect & Tan one. I’m quite pale so anything that is going to give me a little boost I’ll take. I have quite funny skin when it comes to suncream, a lot of them don’t agree with me and make me itch but Soltan agrees with me and I really love it. Speaking of itching I am prone to getting quite bad heat rash, I don’t come out in bumps but my skin itches excessively but I find that the Banana Boat Aloe Vera gel really soothes my skin when this happens so this is a must in my case. I got Ieuan and I a body wash, the Original Source Raspberry and Vanilla one is his favourite so I picked that up. I also picked up a Michum deodorant, I did buy one of these from Manchester but it was unscented so I got a scented one. I have big thighs and in skirts and dresses with the heat they do chafe so I’ll be taking some baby powder to dust on me to hopefully save me some pain in that respect. I’ll be bringing a pack of wipes with me, the ones I have are from Primark and smell insane. I’ll obviously need to shave while we are away so I’ll be bringing a shaver and for my post shave moisturizer or general moisturiser I love this LUSH Charity Pot one although I may not use this and result to using the Aloe Vera instead but it’s not a big pot and wont take up much room. I do love it though as it makes my skin feel so smooth. Lastly, I will be taking my Marc Jacobs Dot perfume with me, I do have Daisy as well but that has a more bulky bottle so for my case this Dot bottle is a better size plus I love the smell so can’t go wrong.


So there we have it, I think that’s more or less everything beauty-wise I’ll be taking on my holiday this year. No doubt I’ve forgotten a few things, as long as I don’t forget to pack them I think all will be ok!

Thanks so much again for reading!

Beth x


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