What I’m taking on Holiday – style

As you may now from my ‘What I’m taking on Holiday – beauty’ blog post (if not check it out!!) I am going on holiday to Bulgaria with Ieuan and my family (unfortunately Ruth, my older sister, wont be able to come as she’s a teacher and it’s still term time when we go away). I thought this would be an ideal time to show you what outfits and accessories I will be talking with me. If you would like to know how I’ll be dressing for my holiday this year or want some ideas on where to grab your own holiday wardrobe then keep reading!

Airport outfit

I didn’t think I needed pictures of what I would be wearing in the airport. I’ve decided to go with plain black leggings, a t-shirt, my Puma trainers and a hoodie. Something comfy and understated, I’m definitely more for comfort than style.


In my opinion the most important thing I will be taking are the bikinis.  I actually somehow ended up with 9 for a weeks holiday so I did have to whittle it down a little. The first one I am taking is a strapless watermelon bikini from Boohoo (it did come with straps too which is always useful). I love this one, it’s so cute and colourful! I also got the cute yellow bikini from Boohoo, I am really drawn to yellow at the moment and I love this one! The lush khaki one I got from Ann Summers, I think this will be one of my favourites on our holiday and from then on! The last two I am carrying over from mine and Ieu’s holiday two years ago (thank god I still fit into them). The pink one is from New Look and the flowery one is again from Boohoo. I think Boohoo slay the bikini game every year!

Another thing I got from Boohoo is the cutest, brightest little cover up for the beach or by the pool. I absolutely L O V E this! Like I said I’m really loving yellow at the moment so this is just perfect. I actually got my mum a matching one in a different colour and she loves it too. It wouldn’t be a holiday without a beach bag. I will be bringing my cute blue and white one that my nan bought for me. I’ve never used it but it’s really thick and sturdy and will be a good size to carry everything down to the beach.

Day outfits

When we go on a family holiday it’s more of a holiday to chill so we don’t really do excursions and things like that. I decided on bringing two day outfits just in case I need them, maybe for shopping or a walk somewhere at some point. The first outfit is a cute and simple crop top and skirt combo, the top is from New Look and the skirt is from Boohoo, I’ve had both for a while now. The second outfit of choice is again cute and comfortable. The crop top is from Pretty Little Thing and the shorts are from New Look. The shorts have pockets as well which is always a bonus when it comes to choosing outfits.

Evening outfits

We are going on a weeks holiday so I have picked out 7 evening outfits as we do love to go out for a meal out when we are on holiday. Some things I’ve had for a while and others I bought especially for this holiday because if you can’t treat yourself to new holiday clothes what can you treat yourself to?

Going clockwise the first outfit is a cute little blue number, top from Primark and faux leather skirt from New Look. The colour of the blue top really caught my eye and I think it goes really nice with the pale blue skirt, really nice summery outfit. The second outfit I got was again from Primark. Just a simple midi bodycon dress with nice orange stripes, if you don’t take a midi dress on holiday have you even gone? This lovely playsuit is from AX Paris and I have had it yeeeeears! I think this holiday will be the last time I wear it as I have had a lot of use out of it. It’s really lovely, it’s a nice fit and I think the material is perfect for a holiday as it is super lightweight. The second playsuit I will be taking is from Pretty Little Thing, I took this on holiday two years ago and I think it’s adorable so I wanted to take it again. It is definitely a holiday/beach item, so lightweight and flattering. I think after this holiday I’ll get rid of it or just start wearing it for knock about, but I do really love it. This next outfit is a cute little pinafore dress from Primark and a white off the shoulder crop top (I think it was from ASOS but I’m not 100% sure on this one), I think these two will make a great little combo. Whether on holiday or on a day out at home. I am looking forward to wearing this one. I loooooove this next little summer dress that I got from ASOS, I am a massive khaki fan, I think it’s my favourite colour to wear at the moment and this dress is just so cute. I’m not sure how I’m going to keep creases out of this after it’s been packed into a case but I don’t mind that much. It’s so cute and lightweight and off the shoulder I just love it. The last outfit I will be taking with me is another top and skirt combo. The off the shoulder crop top is from New Look and the skirt (which I adore!) is from ASOS. I love the navy and the orange/red together and I am looking forward to wearing this outfit. I also think if I have doubts about wearing some outfits the first blue top will go with the last blue skirt and the first blue skirt, as well as the last skirt, will go with the white crop top. So really when I say I am taking 7 outfits, it could be 10!


I am not a great lover of too much jewellery. I down own that much and usually it’s a pair of earrings and my necklace that Ieuan bought for me for Christmas ’16. I’ll probably end up taking all of this and then not even wearing it but I’d rather that than not taking any and wishing I had something to put on. I’ll be taking a cute choker I got from Primark in Oxford, it’s got a ‘B’ on it but I kind of wish I had got an ‘I’ one too for Ieuan but never mind! I love wearing a choker with an off the shoulder top so that’s why I’ll be bringing this. Next it’s earrings, I’ll be wearing my Pandora’s every day anyway but I’ll be bringing these cute green feathered ones with me (I don’t know where they’re from I actually stole them from my sister years ago!). As well as that I did a last minute pre-holiday underwear order and saw a cute set of hoops on sale and thought they’d be lovely to add a little something to an outfit. They’re just medium sized hoops, one silver set and one gold. I think that’s all the jewellery I’ll be taking.

I don’t want to go too over the top with bags, I’m not a great bag person. I’ll be bringing my bum bag for the darker outfits and my cute little shoulder bag for some of the lighter outfits. If it was just down to me I’d carry my purse around everywhere I go but I think with a bag you have that little bit more security.

I feel like I am one of those people who NEEDS to wear a hat on holiday, my scalp burns and I am super prone to headaches so I will be taking my Hufflepuff hat from Primark with me. It’s sturdy and grey so it does go with anything. I’ll also take my bandanas with me, I’m not sure if I’ll end up taking both or just one but I like a bandana to sort out a bad hair day or just add some colour to a look.


Shoes on holiday are something that I really struggle to decide on. My dad will not allow more than 3 pairs of shoes. I’ve convinced him to let me take 4 (not including the pair I will be wearing on the plane). I’ve decided on my wedges from New Look that are super summery and go with almost everything! I could probably get away with wearing wedges with every outfit I have picked to bring with me but I really don’t think my feet will be able to cope with that. To save my feet 7 days of heels I’ll be packing two pairs of Primark sandals too. One cream and one black so they’ll go with everything! I really like these sandals, they’ve got cute little flower gems on them and are just really cute. Lastly on the shoe front I will be taking my current favourite pair of shoes, my sliders! I bought these especially for our holiday BUT I’ve worn them constantly since I bought them. I never understood the slider hype until I got a pair and now I completely understand! I got these adorable unicorn ones from Primark and I love them!


That’s about everything style-wise that will be coming on holiday with me. Be sure to check out my blog post about our holiday when we come back!

Thanks for reading.

Beth x


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