What’s in my Hand Luggage

As you already know if you’ve seen my last two posts (if not check them out!) I am going on holiday to Bulgaria with my family and Ieuan. I’ve already covered what I’ll be taking in my main luggage, for style and beauty, but now I’ll give a little insight on what I’ll be taking in my hand luggage.  I am a major planner and I hate not being prepared so having a good hand luggage with me makes me feel a little more in control.

I’ll be taking my (technically Ieuan’s) trusty converse bag as my hand luggage bag. I think it is the most perfect size, not too big but not too small that you can’t fit anything in it. We actually got it from Greece on our last holiday because we had so much stuff our case was too heavy! Let’s hope that doesn’t happen this time! It’s just an all over good bag and if you’ve noticed it actually ends up coming everywhere with us (see if you can spot it in any of my other ‘Places’ posts). The zip has actually broken so we’ve attached a pompom key ring to it.


The MOST important thing that will be going into this bag are my glasses (yes I wear glasses!).  I don’t need them desperately to see but if I forget these then my holiday will be taken over with sore eyes and headaches. As well as my normal glasses, sunglasses, although not prescription, will be just as important in this bag to help keep headaches at bay. Just as important again but for different reasons – purse, hopefully full of Levs! I can’t imagine anyone’s faces when I realise I have forgotten my purse. No, I won’t forget something so important! Of course my phone, which will be doubling up as my camera, will be in this bag. As ashamed as I am to say it I probably wouldn’t be able to cope without it.

With having my phone comes the important phone bits that will also be in this bag. I’m really not the best traveller, I’m not sure if it all boils down to anxiety but I just can’t travel well without music. So I will need my headphones (not forgetting the little adapter for them!) for the whole journey. When it comes to listening to music for all of those hours the battery on my phone (as it is an iphone) is going to suffer A LOT. SO I’ll be bringing my trusty portable charger with me. This thing is awesome! It lasts hours, provided you charge it enough, but even then it is amazing! Kept my phone alive through the entirety of Biggest Weekend. I need to remember to bring the charging cable with me though as it doesn’t come with a wire to plug into the phone. I’ll probably put a charger socket in my bag as well just in case I find a plug in the air port or something to give my phone (and no doubt Ieuan’s) or the portable charger some life.

I do tend to read a lot when I’m on holiday, just while I’m sunbathing. I managed to read two and a half books in Greece when Ieuan and I went. I’ll be taking one in my hand luggage and possibly another one in my main case. I think I wil grab a completely new one from the airport before we leave. If anyone has read any amazing books and wants to give me some recommendations for what I can take on my next holiday please let me know in the comments, I am a sucker for murder mysteries and supernatural ones, I am also partial to a romance every now and again. I’ve read this book before and it’s one of the only books that has had me engrossed in it. I got it about 8 years ago so I think it’s about time I can read it again.

Some I think less important things that will be in my hand luggage for my travelling are some sweets, chewing gum, a drink and some tablets. I will need the sweets mainly for the plane. My mum has always told us to suck sweets during the take off and the landing to help our ears not pop. I’ll probably decide on some Polo’s or Haribo’s. I find chewing gum is always a must when going anywhere, especially travelling. I find that they help me with feeling sick as well as keeping my mouth relatively fresh. I’m 100% set on the idea of bringing some Lucozade with me, we are travelling early hours of the morning and as much as I’d like to sleep, I’d equally like to feel energised when in the airport. Lastly tablets, probably Ibuprufen, as a ‘just in case’ of headaches as I am prone to getting them a lot, especially when travelling or tired. I also need to remember to bring a pack of tissues with me, last year Ieuan had a nosebleed and we had nothing to help him so this time I’ll be prepared just in case!

I think that’s about everything I’ll have on me during my travels. No doubt Ieuan will ask me to put some of his stuff in my bag too!

I can’t wait for my holiday now! I just hope I don’t forget anything and my anxiety doesn’t take charge. Make sure you read my holiday blog after we get back!

Thanks for reading.

Beth x

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