Our Holiday to Bulgaria

If you don’t know by now (where have you been?! Check out my last 3 blog posts!) I have been on a weeks holiday to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria with my family and Ieu. Here’s a little run down of our week away.

Day 1

We left our house at 1am Monday morning, it was all together about a 7 hour journey, not including the waiting around in the airport ect, plus the two hour time difference before we got to our hotel. My anxiety did take over during our travels and unfortunately I wasn’t very well for most of it. By about 1pm we were ready to go on our first adventure around Sunny Beach. We went for a walk to establish where our hotel was in regards to the restaurant and the beach etc. About a 10 minute walk and we were at the beach, which was huge. We decided to grab a drink from a bar, I got my first cocktail of the holiday, it seemed to be 2 for 1 on cocktails anywhere you went! By 3 o’clock we were all super hungry so found a place to eat. As we were so tired from our travels that was pretty much the end of our first day. By 8 o’clock we were all tucked up in bed.

Day 2

All energised after sleeping off our travels it was time to start our first official full day of our holiday. We decided on a pool day, mum and dad had woken up early to save some sunbeds (thank god!). We had some breakfast in the hotel and started to get our tanning on. The pool was gorgeous, although cold you needed it to cool down with the weather being so hot. At about 6:30 we were ready to go out for some food, although still early we were still getting used to the sun so couldn’t handle it for much longer anyway. We found a place to eat and (unfortunately) the World Cup was on today so dad and Ieu wanted to watch. After our meal we wandered a bit and found a sport bar to watch it. With no roof at the bar the fact that it poured down with rain for 20 minutes wasn’t the best. We had a laugh about it and after the football it was time to make our way home.

Day 3

Today was a beach day! By 11am we were all set up on the beach, we all decided to buy loungers and parasols. We got a subway from up the road and had that for lunch on the beach which was lovely. The sea was absolutely gorgeous, it was so lovely and warm (in places). It was so nice to be able to swim and enjoy it. We stopped in a bar on our way back from the beach for a few drinks and while skimming through the menu we decided to book the table for dinner and (unfortunately) to watch the football after that. So we popped back to the hotel go get ready, stopped somewhere for a drink first and then headed back down there for that.

Day 4

Another pool day. This day went extremely like day 2 did although dad and mum made lunch for us in the room as we were self catered. By day 4 I’d finished the book I had brought with me. We went out slightly later today, by 8pm we were ready. We ate in our favourite place by far and had a few cocktails in a bar afterwards too. Then it was back to mum, dad and Gwen’s room for a late night quiz and then bed!

Day 5

Today was a completely different day to the rest of them. We had a couple of hours by the pool and then went to get ready to go to Nesebar Old Town. We got a taxi out at 4:30pm and in my opinion Old Nesebar is absolutely beautiful, it was right on the sea and full of old ruins and rickety cobbled streets. We spent a few hours here, grabbing an ice cream and then a drink. Most exciting in my opinion we got a sea taxi back to Sunny Beach. I loved it! We grabbed a drink back in Sunny Beach and then found a place to eat. After a busy day we decided to pop back to our hotel for a drink and then went to bed.

Day 6

Our last beach day. We decided to grab some food from a restaurant on our way down to the beach today. A few hours later we were hungry again so we got a slice of pizza and ate that on the beach. (AGAIN) Dad and Ieu wanted to watch the football so we left the beach, they went to watch the football and us girls went to start getting ready for our evening. After the football and the half hour the boys needed to be ready it was time for food and as it was our last official day a few drinks. Admittedly Ieu & I had too many drinks!!

Day 6

Our last day, boo. We had a very brief pool morning, brief as Ieu & I were slightly fragile. Then we got ready to go and walk around the shops, my dad stayed by the pool as shopping isn’t his thing. After a few hours picking out bits and bobs for our family and friends we were all done. There had been these candy floss/corn stands all over the streets and Ieu gave in and bought one. It was huge! Then we made our way back to the hotel to get ready and (SHOCK) there was football on so Ieu & dad watched that while us girls got ready. Our last meal we chose to go to our favourite place from the last couple of days. With a long journey ahead of us tomorrow we weren’t out late.

There we have it my very summed up story of our holiday to Bulgaria.

We really enjoyed our holiday and I think it was well deserved.

Thanks for reading.

Beth x

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