Hair makeover

Eeeek I have been SO excited for this day! I have finally had my hair done after months of waiting! I have literally been so many different colours of hair. Since I was about 16 I had been dying it, from boxes by myself. My hair was naturally brown (the same colour that is at the top of my current ombre), I boxed dyed it a reddy brown, then tried an actual red, got my hair back natural and then box dip dyed it myself so I had ginger ends. After that I decided to go back reddy brown, then back to my natural brown but obviously with that tint of red still lingering. I then decided I wanted to lighten my hair, ended up a bright ginger and constantly toning and dying that until I got a weird mismatched yellow, blonde and orange do. That lasted a week and I quickly dyed brown over that. You’d have thought that was where I’d just give up and leave my poor hair alone, but no! I did go to a hairdresser this time and get it cut and had highlights but I soon got bored with that and re purchased a box dip dye kit and purple wash out dye, yep, purple! I did love that purple dip dye look but when it was time to attempt to get rid it was easier said than done.. I ended up with patchy green and orange hair that not even a dark dye would cover up! So I chopped the ends off! I gave my hair quite a long break after that you’ll be glad to know!

After all the above hair changes and nightmares I promised I would never dye my own hair again! Since January 2017 I have been an ombre girl, going blonder in July. But now I am SO ready to be back as a Brunette. My Stylist Ryan is literally the king of hair so I had no doubt in my mind that he was going to make it look amazing! I promise myself that I’ll stick with this colour (I hope!). My hair has grown a lot so I went in wanting to go from a shoulder length ombre to a chocolate bob!

I’m taking the below pictures in to Ryan for reference. I want the colour of the first picture and the style of the second!


If you want to see how I went from a blondie to a brunette again keep reading!


So this is basically what my hair was like a few weeks before I had my hair done. Curled, natural and straight. It’s ombre and quite long. Not in great condition and so super think and hard to manage.


And here we have it my new choppy textured bob! I had so much hair off and I’m so happy with it! And the colour is just amazing. I’m so happy! I feel super grown up with it! Hopefully I’ll be able to style it just as well as Ryan has!

Let me know if you’ve gone trough a drastic hair change like I did and if you were happy with it or not!

Beth x

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