Last Friday I turned 22! It’s quite a sad age to turn because 21 is the last exciting birthday you get until you’re 30 and now I’m 22 that’s all over.. until I’m 30! I booked the day off work to celebrate, if you’d like to see how I did this then keep reading!


Friday was the day of my actual birthday, although I booked the day off work Ieuan was still going in and Gwen was still in college so I was up at 7:30ish. I decided to bake myself some cupcakes. That took me most of the morning. By about 13:00 my parents arrived home from their week holiday to Lanzarote and we had lunch together. I got ready to go out for a meal after that. Once I was ready I waited for everyone else to be ready too with a glass of pink gin and lemonade. Once everyone was ready I opened all my presents that I am extremely grateful for. Me, Ieu, mum, dad, Ruth, Lloyd (Ruth’s boyfriend) and Gwen all went out for pizza down a local pub The Globe. We had pizza and a few drinks there and once we were done Ieuan and I met up with his friends and stayed out for a LOT more drinks. We stayed out until long passed by birthday. I had the best night!


On the Saturday I woke up extremely hungover (oops). I managed to go back to sleep and felt a lot better. My friend Carys popped over with my presents and then I got ready to go out with my girls for food. Once I was ready a few of the girls popped over with their presents which again I am so grateful for all of those too. We then made our way to meet the rest of the girls for our meal. We stayed out and had a few (too many) drinks after that too. Again, I had the best night!

I am extremely appreciative of everyone treating me for my 22nd birthday and I enjoyed myself so much!

Beth x

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