Birthday treat trip to Cardiff!

As you’ll know from my last blog post I recently turned 22 and to celebrate Ieuan and I booked a little get away to Cardiff for the Monday after. If you’d like to see what we did on our two night break keep reading!


We decided to take the train this time as it was nice for Ieu to be able to relax on the journey up. Train journeys make me extremely anxious so I wasn’t feeling very well all morning but as soon as we got on the train I started to feel a lot better. It takes about 3 hours to get to Cardiff from Haverfordwest but it seemed to fly by. We then walked from the train station to our hotel which was directly opposite Bute Park and pretty central in Cardiff centre. It was quite late in the day by the time we arrived so we decided to get ready for our 7:30 dinner booking there and then. By 6:40 we were ready and decided to go for a drink first. We had food booked in The Alchemist (if you read my Manchester blog you’ll know how much we loved it there!). We decided to go there and maybe have a drink at the bar first but our table was ready so we went straight in. We had an array of amazing cocktails and some wonderful food and then some more cocktails. By the end we debated going somewhere else for a drink but we were so tired from our journey up that we decided to go back to the hotel and chill out before sleeping.


At about 11 we were up and out of the hotel and ready for a day of shopping! I had a few things I needed and managed to pick them up, plus extras and a few things for Ieuan. (Check out my Cardiff Shopping Haul blog post.) Stopping at the Shake Shack for some lunch. We were done with shopping by the afternoon and decided to go for a walk in Bute park as it was such a lovely day. After that we got ready for our dinner in  Turtle Bay. I’d say that the meal I had that night was the BEST meal I have had in a very long time. It was so yummy and the cocktails were amazing too. We even had a pudding which was again amazing. After that we went to Las Iguanas for a few cocktails and then made our way home to bed.


Our last day in Cardiff we decided to walk to Cardiff Bay as again it was such a gorgeous day. Thinking about the train journey I was feeling a little anxious today again, but managed to have breakfast with Ieuan in the Weatherspoons down the bay. We then had a nice little wander around the bay and then walked back. We had a breakout room booked for that afternoon and we finally broke out!! We love the breakout rooms so much we were absolutely buzzing to break out this time. After that it was almost time to catch our train so we sat in a pub close to the station until it was time.

It was such a lovely trip, but then it always is where ever I go with Ieuan.

Beth x

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