Cardiff Shopping Haul

As you know if you read my last Blog Post Ieuan & I went to Cardiff and of course did some shopping. If you’d like to see what I bought then keep reading!


Admittedly I don’t usually go into Superdrug as I have a Boots advantage card but my eye was caught by the Revolution stand that was right by the doorway so we wandered in. I have been watching Sophiedoesnails on youtube for a while now and when I saw her Extra Spice pallette there something inside me wouldn’t let me leave without it. After opening it and having a closer look I am so happy that I got it. It’s gorgeous and the formula is amazing and I can’t wait to try it out.

I then came across their new Foundation and the concealers that everyone has been raving about. Unfortunately, most of the shades were gone. I really wanted to try out the foundation but there was no share that even remotely came close to my skin tone. Luckily there was one concealer left that I think I can give a go. It’s in shade C1 I think, I also think that this is the lightest concealer shade that isn’t white (sorry if that isn’t right). I haven’t had a change to give it a try yet but I swatched on my hand and it looks amazing so I am super excited to try it properly. I was also on the hunt for a setting/baking powder and I saw this one from Revolution and as I haven’t found a specific one that I love I thought I’d try this and see how I get on.

The last two bits I got from Superdrug was a new foundation brush, I didn’t have a preferance for which brand I got so I just grabbed this one. I also got these Nip & Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads. I have heard a lot of good things about these so I am excited to give them a go.


I was only intending to go into LUSH to pick up the ‘Sleepy’ lotion for my dad to see if it can help him sleep better. I also ended up picking up another Mask Of Magniminty as mine is almost out and it is my holy grail skin care mask. I didn’t grab any bath bombs as I was lucky enough to have been given a few for my birthday. I did pick up two bubble bars though; The Comforter (which I have used already) and Sparkly Pumpkin.


We then went into Tiger, which is one of the cutest little shops. It has so much random crap basically that is amazing. You go in and come out with things you never thought you’d need but you do. I grabbed some stuff for some baking projects I have coming up, that I won’t mention. I also picked up a tiny little seive, its supposed to be used for infusing tea but I am going to use it for my bubble bars. I’ve always wanted to grab a seive for this and now I have I am so glad. I just break off a little bit of the bar and pop it in the seive and put it under the running tap and its amazing! We also grabbed another charger wire for our phones as one of ours is breaking. Turns out we got a charger for a Samsung and not iPhone, oops.


Of course we went to Primark! I had a few things I needed to get for work and then of course I had a look for anything else I fancied. Admittedly I didn’t splurge as much as I usually do in Primark. First I got this really cute corduroy skirt that came with a belt which I think is awesome. I actually wore this out for dinner the night I bought it. I got a pair of gray trousers for work, I have these in black already but they’re a little bit small so I sized up with the gray pair. I finally got some hoop earrings (I have worn one of the sizes) but for £1 this pack is amazing. I needed a new light mac as mine is pretty worn so when I was all the bright colours they had I was definitely picking one up. As Summer seems to be saying goodbye I felt like buying this gorgeous, thick cardigan was extremely justifiable. I love khaki and seeing this skirt I had to pick it up. To go with the skirts that I got I saw this top and thought it would go well with them. Primarks new sizing hasn’t impressed me in all honesty. I am a size 8 but NO WHERE NEAR a size 6. So the fact that the new sizing is 6-8 means that most of the ‘size 8’ stuff seems tiny. So I picked this up in a size 10-12 but again I am nowhere near a 12 so it’s going to be a bit difficult finding things to fit me in Primark now.  I then also picked up some tights for work and winter. I also picked up a new bag, I have been using my sisters old one and I thought maybe it’s a good idea to get my own. Plus it’s khaki so I couldn’t not buy it! I also picked up some new shoes for work, which I forgot to take a picture of, I don’t like them much anyway but they were the only ones in my size.

M.A.C Cosmetics

The last shop I wanted to go into was M.A.C as my Lavender Prep & Prime was almost empty and I wanted a new one. I also wanted to grab the lipstick in the shade ‘Taupe’, I had it before but it was ruined in the washing machine and then I got myself another and ended up giving that to my sister as a present so I thought it was about time I got myself one again. I also asked the nice lady who worked there about bronzers, I wanted to grab myself a new one. She kindly helped me pick one out, it’s actually the studio fix foundation powder in the shade NW30 (I am shade NW13 in the liquid formula). I’m excited to see what this is like.


I also got a few testers. I was given the Studio fix foundation in NW15. I used to live by this foundation and I opened it and sniffed it and remembered how much I loved the smell and I am definitely going to give it a go at some point and maybe fall back in love with it. I also got given a strobing liquid, which is highlight and some type of skin care moisturizer, I will try these both out.

And there we have it everything I picked up during my shopping trip in Cardiff. Let me know if you have anything and what you think of them.

Beth x

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