My beauty wish list

One of my favourite pass times will always be adding to wish lists all over the internet of makeup that I would LOVE to try but just can’t justify buying. My family think I’m mad for the amount of makeup I own already but in reality if I could I would probably own buckets more! I thought it would be a cool idea to lay it all out on a blog post! If you guys see anything you’ve tried let me know if it’s worth it! Also let me know if any of these things are on your wish lists too!

Anastasia Beverly Hills

I have already got the Subculture eye shadow palette and that is my first ever ABH product and I would love to try some more!

  • Amrezy highlight
  • Powder bronzer
  • Dipbrow Pomade
  • Norvina palette


Beauty Bakerie

I have got one of the lip whips, the Eyescream palette and some eye sprinkles by Beauty Bakerie and I LOVE them. Recently they have brought out some more makeup and I am literally dying to get my hands on it all! Especially considering it’s all baking themed!

  • Cake Mix foundation
  • Cake Face concealer
  • Flour setting powder
  • Wake & Bake Hydration face oil
  • Do it for the Graham palette
  • Game of Cones palette
  • Lip Whip in multiple more colours
  • Blending Eggs


Doll Beauty, Unicorn cosmetics & House of Lashes

I’ve put these both together as they are quite self-explanatory. I have just started wearing lashes so of course I want to try them all!! I’ve recently purchased Unicorn Lashes in Dragon Lashes Ice Fyre and although I haven’t tried them yet I am super excited.


I basically just want to try their Beyond Powder highlight.


Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Now this is one brand I haven’t ever considered wanting to try. I have seen how amazing it is but it’s never drawn me in. I recently watched Shane Dawson’s series about Jeffree Star and his life and now I just want to try his brand. He clearly is so passionate about his business.

  • Thirsty Palette
  • Velour Liquid Lipstick
  • Skin Frost
  • All of his holiday collection


Juvia’s Place

I think in all honestly this is the brand I am most dying to get my hands on. I have purchased two palettes as gifts for my friends and after seeing the quality and the pigmentation of them my heart breaks that I didn’t keep them for myself!

  • Basically every single one of their palettes
  • Brush sets


Kylie Cosmetics

I have been lucky enough to have been bought some of Kylie’s lip kits as gifts from Ieuan the past two Christmases and I loved them,  I also one of her blushes and love that so much too, I obviously want to try out some more things from her collections.

  • All of her eyeshadow palettes
  • More of her lip kits/lipsticks
  • Individual hightlighter – I tried ‘The Wet Set’ and didn’t get on with the consistency
  • More blush colours
  • ALL of the Halloween collection
  • ALL of the Jordyn collection
  • Concealers



Something about Stila’s liquid eye shadows just draws me in and one day I will be able to justify buying some, just not any day soon!



I have the Rose Gold palette by Zoeva and I LOVE it, I think it is probably one of my most used palettes, it’s gorgeous. Considering the quality is so amazing with such a good value for money brand you can’t go wrong!

  • All of their palettes
  • All of their brushes


Benefit Cosmetics

Now as you’ll know if you’ve been reading my blog I have recently discovered some Benefit products and they’ve made me want more!

  • Precisely, my brow eyebrow pencil
  • ka-BROW eyebrow cream-gel
  • Hula bronzer – in the large size as I already have the mini


Huda Beauty

I have never tried anything Huda before, but I have always wanted to especially since following her brand on instagram.

  • Rose Gold Remastered Palette
  • Faux Filter Foundation
  • Easy Bake Loose Powder
  • Desert dusk palette


Too Faced

My go to foundation is the Too Faced Born this way foundation and I can not find a flaw with it (except that it’s not my correct colour), but loving this so much made me want to try more from Too Faced.

  • Born this way foundation – in my shade!
  • Born this way concealer
  • Hangover Spray
  • Diamond Highlighter
  • Unicorn Tears bronzer
  • Hangover primer
  • Sun Bunny bronzer
  • ALL of the peach collection



This is one brand I have seen so many of the beauty influencers that I follow rave about and of course that is going to make me want to give it a go!

  • Shape tape Foundation – matte and hydrating
  • Shape tape contour concealer
  • Their gorgeous brush sets


Lime Crime

Another brand that I am following on instagram that has made me want to give it a go! They even have some amazing hair dye that I would love to use if I was allowed crazy hair!

  • All the Venus palettes
  • All of their lip products



It is quite surprising when I say I don’t actually own anything by Morphe BUT that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to!

  • All their palettes
  • Brushes
  • Babe in paradise



I gave in and purchased their Glazed Doughnut highlighter! And since purchasing that I want more, more, more!!!


Pixi Beauty

I am not the best when it comes to skincare and I have seen so many amazing reviews for Pixi’s skin products so I would really love to try them!



If you read my last shopping haul blog you will see that I have recently bought the Sophiedoesnails Extra Spice Palette and their concealer. Now that I have tried them.. I WANT MORE (if you read that in High School Musical’s Sharpey’s voice then we can be friends!)

  • More of the concealers in different colours
  • Their Foundation
  • Highlights


Estee Lauder

My friend swears by her Double Wear foundation so I definitely want to give it a go myself one day! I’d probably get the concealer too just to give them both a try!


Urban Decay

This is another brand that I am constantly dying to try out! I’ve picked up the All-Nighter setting spray finally and of course it’s made me want more bits from this brand!

  • Born to Run palette
  • All nighter foundation
  • Beached bronzer
  • All nighter concealer
  • Brushes
  • Eyeshadow primer potion


MAC Cosmetics

I have a MAC palette, the prep and prime and a few lipsticks and of course I adore them all.

  • Prep & Prime
  • Jamie Genevieve’s colab lipstick (I tried to get my hands on this but it’s all out of stock 😦 )
  • Most of their lipsticks
  • Pigment
  • Mineralise Skinfinish



Speaking of Jamie Genevieve watching her as one of my most favourite beauty influencers I now want to try NARS products. I have recently purchased their All Day Luminous weightless foundation and LOVE it so I want to try their other stuff even more!

  • Radient Longwear Foundation
  • Sheer Glow Foundation
  • Brushes
  • Bronzing Powder
  • Highlighting Powder
  • Orgasm blushes


And that’s everything (that I can think of) that’s on my beauty wish list (for now). When I anticipated writing this blog post I did not expect it to be that long! But hey ho, a girl can dream about all the makeup she’d love to have can’t she!

Thanks for reading!

Beth x

*disclaimer: none of these images are my own*

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