My recent bakes

Hello lovelies! I know I have done a few recipe posts before now and they’ve been extremely detailed with ingredients etc but I’ve made a few cakes over the past few months that I have been so busy making them that I didn’t have time to log how I did them.

As I had all intentions of making blog posts about these cakes but got so caught up in the making of them, I still wanted to give them an opportunity to be shown on my blog! So here are some of my recent bakes that I didn’t have time to go into full detail of when I was creating them!

I do have a baking blog in which these are all featured on as well as past and future bakes. If you want to give that a follow then please feel free! ( @bethymbakes ).

White chocolate vanilla cupcakes

As you’ll know if you read my ’22’ blog I had my birthday in September and in my office we have to bring in cake! Of course I was going to have to make some for everyone and I chose these. They’re basic vanilla cupcakes with one chunk of white chocolate inside and white chocolate butter cream on top.

Everyone in work loved them and my family loved the left overs!

S’mores cupcakes

Again as you’ll know by my ’22’ blog I took the day off on my actual birthday and decided to bake. As I had basically the whole morning and afternoon free and I had the whole house, specifically the kitchen, to myself I thought I’d do a complicated cupcake.

These had SO many elements to them! First was the biscuit base -> bake -> chocolate cake mix -> bake -> cut holes out the middle -> chocolate icing mixture -> marshmallow icing. There was a lot going on!

These were made just for me and my family and they all said they were lovely so they were a success. With the amount of work that went into them I don’t think I’ll be making them again in a hurry!

Sweet explosion cake

My sister had asked me to make a cake for her best friend who loves strawberry laces. This got my brain going as I tried to think of a cake to make her!

I went for a basic vanilla with the white chocolate icing and then went wild with the sweet decorations. I used a variety of sweets to create this crazy sweet explosion cake and my sisters friend LOVED it. I also got a lot of messages from all their other friends who had tried some saying it tasted amazing too so I was thrilled!

Nutella cupcakes

Next it was one of my friend’s birthdays and I had surprised her with visiting her up in Cardiff and then double surprised her with these cupcakes.

Basic chocolate cupcakes with Nutella icing and a glittered Guylian seashell each to finish off. She was so happy with them!

Unicorn cake

The last bake (so far) that I have made is my gorgeous niece’s 2nd birthday cake. I set myself the task of making a unicorn cake. I did buy the accessories from Amazon but the rest was created from my head.

They were thrilled with the unicorn I had created. I used my trusty basic vanilla cake and white chocolate icing recipe and everyone loved it!  I was so happy!


I have  a few more cakes in the pipeline so I will try my best to get full detailed blogs on these ones! If you would like any of the above cake recipes in full so that you can make them yourself, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I will give them to you!

Beth x

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