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Over the past couple of months I have had no self-control and have purchased a few new bits of makeup! After my MUA review was well received, I thought it would be a good idea to show you what I’ve bought (if I haven’t already!) and what I think of them! With Christmas around the corner it could give you some ideas of gifts to get friends/family (or yourself!!).

NARS Cosmetics All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation – Shade Light 03 (RVP £35.00)

I used this the first time applying how I usually apply makeup; with a damp beauty sponge. I didn’t like it that much. However, the second time I used it I applied it with a brush and I LOVED it. I don’t usually use brushes for foundation anymore but I will continue to use one for this foundation. The coverage and overall look this foundation is amazing and I really do love it. Only thing about this is that my skin is occasionally quite dry and if I am having a dry skin day this foundation is not the one! It clings to dry spots and makes them slightly more prominent than you’d like. One a good skin day this is great but if you have constantly dry skin maybe stay away!

Cover FX Enhancer Drops – Shade Celestial (£34.00)

Having used these in Sunlight, which was just a little to dark for me, I wanted to get the light shade. Yeah I like this. It works lovely and gives a lush glow. In all honesty I don’t really reach for it as much as I used to, since finding powder highlights that I like a lot more and that are easier to work with! I don’t have any criticisms though. Usually with liquid highlight I find they sometimes take away the makeup underneath but this doesn’t.

Ofra Glow Baby Glow! Highlighter – Shade Glazed Donut (£25.00)

OH MY GOD. I have been dying to give this a go since finding out it existed and I am SO glad I got it! It is gorgeous, after one use it went to the top of my highlighter list. It’s so pigmented and the glow of it is absolutely incredible. I was literally sat with my mouth open when I put it on, I love it!

Unicorn Cosmetics Dragon Lashes – Ice Fyre (£10.00)

Hmm ok, so these were £10 and that’s steep for me considering I’m not an avid eyelash wearer but they looked so pretty and the packaging is so nice! I wore them once and when I look them off that was that. They say they are reusable but I don’t think I would have been able to reuse them. I mean don’t get me wrong I did really like them but I could probably get some from boots for half the price and they’d work just as well.

Ardell Duo Lash Adhesive – Shade Clear (£4.00 – £9.00 depending on retailer)

Now this is something I am super happy with!! This stuff is amazing! A little goes a long way and your lashes stay stuck all night! My best friend is constantly borrowing this when she’s getting ready at my house. It’s the best lash glue I’ve tried! I’ve already bought another even though my current one is nowhere near finished.

Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray (£24.00)

As you know I got this from Duty Free after wanting it for so long. I have used it a few times and it’s good. I don’t know whether I see any major difference between it and MAC prep & prime BUT maybe that’s actually because I haven’t used them and had a proper look at the difference. I do really like it though so no complaints!

Benefit Hello flawless Oxygen WOW Foundation (£25.00 – £30.00 depending on retailer)

I’m not sure I’ve used this enough to have an opinion on it if I’m honest, but that might be a review in itself. I have so many foundations and I’ve used this a few times but don’t find myself reaching for it! Maybe I’ll give it a proper chance and see if I do like it.

^ Ok so I wrote that a while back and have used it a few times more since and I actually really like it now! I use it for everyday wear as it is really light coverage and doesn’t feel too heavy on my face! It’s definitely more dewy than it is matte. I like to use it with a heavy coverage concealer and it works perfectly. This is definitely my go to every day foundation but I would not use it if I was going to be out hours or if I wanted something full coverage!

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara – Black (£16.00 – £20.00 depending on retailer)

I have FINALLY found my holy grail mascara! Finally! I literally have nothing but praise for this. It’s my perfect mascara. I love the applicator, I love how it lengthens and gives volume. One coat and I’m happy. I love it so much!!

NYX HD Photogenic Concealer – Shade Fair (£6.00)

I got this to pair with my NYX total drop foundation which I do still really like. I like the combination. This isn’t as light as I usually like a concealer and the coverage isn’t as high as ones I usually reach for but I have no complaints, works well on the skin!

NYX Epic Ink liner – Black (£9.00)

Another holy grail product I think I’ve found and its drugstore yay!! This liner is amazing. So pigmented and the pen is the perfect thickness! Just love it! Not to mention that my flicks stay put no matter what!

NYX tinted brow mascara – Black (£7.00)

I like this as it does exactly what it says on the tin. I apply it over my brow pomade just to set the brows in place and it works! As it’s a coloured one as well it gives my brows another dimension.  I didn’t realise it was black when I bought it thought as the packaging is brown and I am pretty sure the product is just really dark brown but maybe if I was going to purchase again I would go for one shade lighter.

L’Oreal True Match Minerals Mattifying Powder (£10.00 – £15.00 depending on retailer)

Hm I don’t really have much to say about this powder. I mean yes it sets my face. It’s a nightmare to bake with. The netty thing inside is great for when you’re using a brush as it’s a way product isn’t wasted but you can not pick up anything up from it with a sponge, well I can’t anyway. My collection powder is still at the top but I can’t find it again.

Primark Fake Eyelashes (£8 for a set of 4)

As an amateur eye-lasher these are perfect. They’re the perfect length and easy enough to put on and they came with glue. No problems here!

Sleek blush – shade ‘life’s a peach’ (£4.99)

This is the second ever blush I’ve owned and I love it. It’s such a cute, subtle peachy colour. It’s got really good pigment and looks lovely on my skin tone! It’s great for everyday when I don’t want to dip into my Kylie Cosmetics one.

SophDoesNails x Revolution Extra Spice Palette (£10)

As you’ll know if you read my ‘Cardiff Shopping Haul’ blog post I couldn’t leave the shop without this palette and since using it I am SO glad I didn’t. I LOVE it! The colours are incredible, the pigment and formula is brilliant and the eye looks I can create with it have been some of my absolute favourites to date! I am continuously reaching for this every time I want to do an eyeshadow look, whether a bold colourful or a simple neutral. I just love it! Not to mention it’s £10, how can you go wrong?!

Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer (£4.00)

As you’ll know if you read my ‘Cardiff Shopping Haul’ blog post.  I got this in the shade C1, which I have recently found out is the is the 3rd lightest colour (C0 and C0.5 being ones lighter). The rants and raves I’ve seen about this concealer are NOT wrong! It’s incredible, so full coverage and brightening, plus a little goes a long way! I loved it so much I have bought another in the same shade and one in the shade C8.5 (I think!) and I use that to bronze up my face and because it blends so beautifully I love it!

MAC Studio Fix Foundation powder (£26.00)

As you’ll know if you read my ‘Cardiff Shopping Haul’ blog post I got this as a bronzer in the shade NW30. I am NW13 in the foundation so I got this as a bronzer to warm up my skin. I have no complaints at all! I love it, blends nicely and the colour gives me depth without making my face muddy.

And there you have it a little list of all the new products I have been trying and liking recently. There is a good mix of high-end and drugstore products in there. Do you have/use/want any of the above products? Tell me what you think!

If you like this sort of blog post then let me know and I’ll do an updated one later on!

Thanks for reading!

Beth x

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