My Christmas 2018

I hope you all had the most magical Christmas!  I had such a wonderful day with my family! I thought I would share how we spent our day with you! If you’d like to read about my favourite day of the year than keep reading!


I woke up about 8am, feeling pretty rough I have had a cold for almost a month now and it wasn’t getting any better (turns out I actually have a double ear infection and sinusitis!). I wished Ieu a Merry Christmas and checked if Santa had been – he had! Although I am 22, and my sisters are 25 and 20, Santa still visits! I went into my mum and dad who told me I wasn’t allowed to wake my sisters for at least another hour (boo!) so I went and made Ieuan and I a cup of tea.

I then was finally allowed to wake my sisters! We all gathered in my parents room, some on the bed, some on the floor and opened our presents from Santa. I got an array of amazing things for which I am super grateful – the main one being a pair of Adidas Superstars which I have always wanted! Ieuan even gets his own sack now that he lives with us and that makes me so happy. My sisters and I also have a small stocking downstairs that Santa leaves some bits and bobs so we made our way to them. Some more lovely things were to be found in them. We then have our ‘main’ present from Santa in the living room – mine was a new hairdryer! Very well needed! I was very lucky again this year!

After that we all had our showers and got ready for our day. In our house we have always dressed up. So I popped on a skirt and blouse, straightened my hair and put my face on.


Once we ready my mum popped to get my nan (‘mamgu’) who was going to be joining us for our Christmas Dinner. We opened a few more presents from under the tree (gifts from Ieuan’s family and each other). Once my mamgu arrived we opened the lovely gifts from her as well as gave her her presents. We then started on the ciders/wines/beers. 2pm and our amazing dinner cooked by my wonderful parents was ready and I was so excited to tuck in!

Our Christmas dinner was incredible (especially the garlic potatoes and the pigs in blankets). We all sat around the table and just chatted and enjoyed each other’s company and the wine!

Once finished and tidy we all made our way to the living room and decided to open the remainder of our presents from under the tree. My sisters and Ieuan spoiled me an incredible amount and I am so grateful!

We all then sat down and watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang which is a film I have never actually seen before. I really did not know what to make of it. Maybe because it was so old, but the story made no sense to me.


After watching a bit more classic Christmas telly it was time for the buffet. Cold turkey, cheese, crisps and of course asti! Does it get better?! We then sat and chatted again for a while.

From there we had planned on playing some family games but we were so full of food and alcohol we decided to just sit and watch more telly together. Mrs Brown’s Boys is a favourite of mine and Ieuan’s so we definitely had to watch that – and it did not disappoint!

I started to feel poorly again – which is so not fair but can’t be helped. So I decided it was time for bed.

I had such a wonderful Christmas with my family and I am so grateful for everything. I was back to work on the 27th and 28th but had more festive plans with my extended family and with Ieuan’s family in the days afterwards so I am still merrily in the Christmas spirit!

As this is my last blog post of the year I wish you all a happy and healthy 2019!!!!

Beth x

One thought on “My Christmas 2018

  1. Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas. Also, you’re completely stunning! Great post, it’d mean a lot if you could check mine out if you have the time too xx


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