The Boyfriend Tag

As you can see by the title I’m back with another tag post that no one actually tagged me in! Again this is a really old tag that I saw circulating years ago. It seemed so fun so I wanted Ieu to give it a go especially with Valentine’s being just around the corner. I asked him all the below questions and to see his answers. Enjoy!

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  1. Where did we meet? Eddies. This is the answer we would both give as it’s the first time we remember meeting but last year we found out we had met before because we had a picture together. Neither of us remember it though!
  2. Where was our first date? Vue Cinema Carmarthen. Correct, we went to watch Bad Grandpa.
  3. Where was our first kiss? Outside the house. Correct again, it was actually when he was dropping me off from our first date!
  4. Who said I love you first? Me, but I was lying. He laughed after this so I’m assuming the last bit was a joke!
  5. When is my birthday? September.. 21st.. He would usually get this wrong but he has recently re-discovered the song that says ‘do you remember the 21st night of September’ and knows I say it’s my song.
  6. Where was I born? Withybush. Correct, as it is the hospital he and most of our generation were born in!
  7. What colour are my eyes? Blue. This is right, but he thought they were brown for about 2 years.
  8. Which food do I like? Chinese, mac and cheese, cheese, stuff with cheese. So true!
  9. Which food do I hate? Salad – healthy stuff and red meat. True again.
  10. I’m sitting in front of the TV. What’s on the screen? Your shit programmes – Impractical Jokers, friends, say yes to the dress. As you can tell I am never usually the one to have my programmes on, but when I do these will be the ones!
  11. What’s my favourite band/musician? Ariana Grande, George Ezra. There was probably more but that’s where he ended. He was right.
  12. When/where did you meet my parents? At your house. True, he was a friend first so met them that way.
  13. What’s my shoe size? 4. Yep.
  14. What’s my weirdest habit? You just did it – cracking my knuckles. Wouldn’t say it’s weird but he hates it!
  15. What am I good at? Baking, your work. Sweet! and I’d hope so!
  16. What am I ok at? Cooking. Fair enough, I can do it, but not without his help.
  17. What am I really bad at? Sports. Hmm ok fair enough, I don’t play any.
  18. Which sport do I like the most? (We laughed at this question after the last answer.) Football, but only when I’m playing. Which is spot on really!
  19. What’s my favourite song? Thank u, next. True.
  20. What film always makes me cry? I’m not sure. I’ll give him this one because I don’t really watch or re-watch films to have one that ‘always’ makes me cry.
  21. What drink do I always order? Strawberry milkshake. I laughed at this because it’s only true when we go to McDonald’s!
  22. What is something you wish I didn’t do? I’m not sure. I thought he was going to say ‘be negative’ or something like that, he agreed after I’d said that!
  23. Where would I love to travel to? Anywhere with me. Actually very true! Although I do want to go back to Canada and go places they are always with plans to go with him!
  24. I’m ordering a pizza. What toppings does it have? Cheese. True, nothing else.
  25. I’m making a sandwich. What’s on it? Cheese. Ha, true, I am seeing a theme with what I eat!
  26. If I could, what sweet/chocolate could I eat all day long? Only because you were eating them the other day – chocolate fingers. You’re not really a sweet or chocolate person. So true, I’d eat crisps over anything.
  27. If I could live anywhere in the wold, where would I live? Here. True, I don’t want to leave Pembrokeshire.
  28. What weird talent do I have? I don’t think you have. You’re just weird all the time. Fair enough!
  29. Where does my family come from? Yorkshire (in the most awful impression) and your mum is from Newport (Pembrokeshire). This is really close. My dads mum was from Yorkshire but not my dad, but my mums is right!
  30. What am I deathly afraid of? Spiders, any insect, anything that moves really, sometimes when I move you shit yourself.  I found this answer so funny and extremely spot on!
  31. What’s my nickname? bethmevs. bethymevs. Same thing. I do sometimes get called by my instagram name! But also Bethy/Bethie.
  32. What is my favourite author? F*ck me I dunno. Odd, as he got the next question right. J K Rowling.
  33. What’s my favourite book? Harry Potter. That’s J K Rowling isn’t it? Well yeah so how come you didn’t know the previous answer?
  34. What’s my favourite colour? Green. Obviously.
  35. What kind of films do I like? All of them apart from adventure and action. True on the action but I like a little adventure.
  36. What is the first thing I do in the morning? Fart. NOT funny.
  37. Complete this sentence ‘My girlfriend is…….’ My best friend. So cute! and very unexpected from my joker of a boyfriend.
  38. What’s my middle name? Marged. Plain and simple.
  39. What’s my best friends name? Clarissa, Carys, Sophie. After this he gave up because there are loads.
  40. Where was our first trip together? The holiday? Rhodes. True and I always think how weird it is that our first holiday as a couple was to a different country!
  41. How do I drink my tea? Like a tw*t. I then explained that I think the question was how do I make it. No sugar, apart from today when you had a quarter. True.
  42. Who is the dominant one in our relationship? You. This lead to him and I bickering because it is definitely him!!
  43. What’s my favourite video game? Sims. It’s the only one you play. True.
  44. Which of my hobbies do you find the least interesting? Blogging. I mean rude but I’ll take it because he doesn’t read my blog.
  45. Who usually wins our arguments? You. Same as question 42.
  46. What do we usually argue about? Me going out and you over reacting. I was fed up by now! I don’t mind him going out, I mind him coming home gone 3am steaming and spewing and then wasting the next day hungover in bed!
  47. What’s my favourite clothing item? Shoes because you have about 300 of them. I think it meant what item that I wear is my favourite, because I wear it all the time? Your onesie.
  48. How long do I need in the morning to get ready? Does that mean for work or? 2 hours on a normal day and if you’re getting ready in the night about 5 hours. Feeling slightly attacked but he’s not wrong!
  49. Am I a morning or an evening person? Evening. Anyone who has seen me in the morning would tell you that.
  50. If you could change anything about me, what would it be? I don’t think there is anything I like you as you are, even though you’re sometimes annoying. Back handed compliment?
  51. What’s my favourite type of junk food? Crisps. Yep, quavers at the moment!
  52. What’s my favourite city? Not sure. I don’t actually have one!
  53. I am in the zoo. Where will I spend all of my day? With the lions and me. I mean this is true.
  54. Am I a mountain or a beach girl? Beach. I don’t think this one is right. I don’t like sand between my toes.
  55. Have I ever practised an instrument? Which one? I don’t think you have, have you? I have, the guitar.
  56. What was my first job? Waitress at No3. Number 14 but close enough.
  57. What was my least favourite subject in school? Maths, because you’re stupid. He was joking but I did hate maths.
  58. When do I become the biggest fangirl? When they announce they’re going on tour, like when Ariana did. I get where he’s coming from so I’ll give him that.
  59. Where am I on a Friday night? At home with me. Usually.
  60. How do I spend my vacations? Chilling by the pool with a cocktail. We both do love that.
  61. What is my weirdest interest? Shit programmes. He really doesn’t like what I watch.
  62. What is one thing I love doing but most people don’t? Blogging. I mean blogging is a weird thing not many people know about around where I live so I suppose he’s true. Not to mention he has no idea about the blogging world so wouldn’t know how many people are actually out here blogging.
  63. I am in Costa. What will I order? Hot chocolate. Both of us will order that to be fair.
  64. What did you learn from me? How to love someone. Now this is so sweet, and again I didn’t expect it, but so happy he said that.
  65. What’s our song? Pillowtalk – Zayne and Aerosol can – Major Lazor. This is true, they’re the two songs he would play constantly when we became friends/fell for each other so they both just bring back the memories and the feels.
  66. What TV show do I like that you hate? What does that say how many of them? Because he obvs hates them all!
  67. Who is the organised one in the relationship? You. This is true when it comes to being ready for things and making lists etc, but my room area is a mess compared to his!
  68. Who is more jealous? You. So not true.
  69. I won £1000. What will I spend it on? Clothes, makeup, all the girl stuff, shit stuff. Very true, well except for the fact it’s all shit!
  70. Who’s my favourite youtuber? That Scottish one. Jamie Genevieve.
  71. What celebrity would I love to meet most? I don’t know. Shocking as there are a few, maybe he didn’t know which one the most?
  72. If I was an animal which one would I be? Cat. Finishing on a high with this one!!

There you have it, the boyfriend tag! Thanks to Ieuan for actually having the patience to sit there and let me ask you all these questions and for answering them. Some jokey and some true and some even quite sweet!

Let me know what you thought of his answers. If you decide to do this or something similar with your partner then please let me know because I would love to read them!

Happy Valentines for next week ❤

Beth x

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