3 years

Friday 8th February Ieuan and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary together. I thought it deserved a little blog post!

I say it a whole lot and if you’re not the romantic type you might find it boring but our relationship is pretty perfect. I am very lucky to have someone as incredible as I do as part of my life. 3 years seems to have flown by but I get happier and love him even more by the day! We have been through a lot together and are both growing everyday and become such incredible people.

Anyway enough of that – if you’d like to see how we decided to spend our anniversary then keep reading!

We actually didn’t manage to celebrate on the actual day as it was a Friday and we both had work and then I had a cake to make in the evening. But we did exchange cards and gifts. I had bought Ieu a massive box of retro sweets a week ago and I wasn’t expecting a gift from him. But he bought me sunflowers, my absolute favourite flowers. I adore them! I think the fact that they were so unexpected made them even more special to me. They’re just gorgeous! Not to mention, how did he find some at this time of the year?!

Like I said we didn’t get a chance to fully celebrate on the day, so we booked to go out for food on the Saturday evening. We decided to go to the Harbormaster in Milford. This is about a 40 minute drive, we had planned to leave the car at Ieu’s sisters in Haverfordwest and get the train but has it was absolutely pouring down, Ieuan offered to drive the whole way to save me getting wet walking to and from the station. Ruth and Lloyd were supposed to join us for dinner but Lloyd ended up working so it was just Ieuan and I. Our first date night, just the two of us, in a while!

Our table was booked for 6:45 but we arrived a little earlier. Ordered our drinks – Peroni for Ieu (only the one as he was driving!) and a Passion fruit daiquiri cocktail for me! Ieuan was super hungry so decided to go for a starter. I’m not usually a starter kinda girl and I wasn’t about to change that now – I’d rather hold out for a pudd!

He got his pulled pork starter and devoured it before I had time to take a picture, but he said it was amazing. We had ordered our mains at the same time I had gone for the Mac and cheese, grilled chicken burger with Cajun skin on fries and Ieuan had gone for some sort of pulled pork beef burger and curly fries. Admittedly, Ieu did regret going for two pulled pork dishes and was pulled porked out by the end of his second course. He wished he’d have gone for something different but hey ho he still really enjoyed it. My burger was AMAZING. Chicken burgers and mac and cheese are two of my most favourite meals so to have them both together was a dream.

After our burgers we were feeling pretty stuffed.. but I felt like I NEEDED a pudding. I felt like I would be letting myself down if I didn’t even consider one, so I asked for the dessert menu. Oh my gosh what a spread of choice! I HAD to get one, I would power through my fullness and do it, something Ieuan was physically unable to do. I ordered the doughnut pieces with salted caramel, melted chocolate, oreo pieces and vanilla ice cream. Boy am I glad I did!! It was incredible. Ieuan had the tiniest amount and was completely devastated he couldn’t fit in anymore. But I sure did, no way was I letting something that delish go to waste!!

After we had finished our drinks and paid we made our way back to Ieuan’s sisters in Haverfordwest as that’s where we were staying that evening. We ended up sitting up for a few hours with her and her partner listening to music and chatting and then went to bed.

The following day we spent with Ieu’s sister and her family as it would have been Ieuan and Catrin’s mum’s 47th Birthday on Monday and we wanted to spend the day together honouring her memory. The sun shone all day so we were able to go and put some beautiful flowers on her grave. We also went for a roast dinner in a local pub, The Square and Compass, which was amazing. It was really nice to spend some family time with Ieuan’s family and also so nice to remember his amazing mum together.

To top off the weekend Ieuan and I ordered pizza and chips from the local kebab and then had an early night.

I had the most wonderful weekend to celebrate 3 years with my soul mate, I am an incredibly blessed girl, and I am super grateful to have some incredible ‘in-laws’ too.

Beth x

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