Shein Haul – Workwear

Coming into the New Year I decided to treat myself (although fully reimbursed by the firm!) to some new clothes for work. I am pretty limited to what I can wear as I am required to wear a uniform. I have to wear a blue shirt but I am entitled to wear whatever bottoms I want – obviously as long as they are smart and appropriate. At the end of 2018 I was down to one pair of trousers that I actually felt comfortable wearing so I really needed to update my work wardrobe.

I decided to go for I have made a couple of purchases from this website and although sceptical as it comes from China, all the items I’ve ordered I have really loved. Not to mention the prices are really good. So I thought why not give it a try for my work clothes.

If you’d like to see what I got from Shein and what I thought about everything then keep reading!

Shein Elastic Waist Pinstripe Cigarette Pants – Size S (8) – RVP £8.98

Ok so I love these (I think you’ll start seeing a theme from here on out). They’re super comfy and flattering and the perfect length. They’re not too tight on the legs either so they don’t restrain movement. They have pockets which is just brilliant! Not to mention they go really well with my necessary blue shirt. The waist is pretty tight but that’s a plus for me because it pulls me in and gives me a figure! The only criticism I have with these is that I wish they were a little longer, it’ll be fine in summer with sandals etc but at the moment with socks and boots longer would have been better!

Shein Zip Back Flare Pinafore Skirt – Size S (8) – RVP £10.79

My least favourite of the bunch but I still really like this! I think because it’s such a different shape to what I am used to it’ll take some time for me to feel good in it? I do think it’s super cute and goes well with my shirt. The straps have two buttons so you can decide your preference of length in the straps, although I am on the tightest I think they’re still a little too loose. It’s just above the knee so great for work.

Shein Self Belted Plaid Skirt – Size S (8) – RVP £9.88

Aaah I bloody love this! Second favourite of what I ordered. Super cute and the waist pulls in and is so flattering. Again it has pockets!!! The length is brilliant for work, again just above the knee and I really like the colour of it, again going well with my blue shirt.

Shein Self Tie Solid Skinny Pants – Size S (8) – RVP £10.79

Again, love these. I already have a really similar pair but they aren’t tight around the leg like these ones. The length on them is perfect for me and again good on the figure as the waist pulls me in (unlike the other similar pair I have, which make me feel like a flump!). I’ll say it again but the pockets are just so convenient. My only criticism about these trousers is the ankle area. They are skinny pants but when they get to the end of my shin they aren’t skinny fit anymore and the ankle part is actually quite wide. A perfect pair would have been tight all the way down, but for me it’s a small issue that I can definitely see past because everything else is just great.


I really loved everything I ordered and they arrived looking exactly like they did on the website. Really pleased with them and can’t wait to wear them to work (which I probably already have before this post goes up).

What do you think of these work outfit choices? Would this make you want to shop at Shein? If you do please make sure to read the reviews as they are really helpful when shopping on this website especially when reviewers  can add pictures!

Beth x

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