Lipstick collection

First of all, hi, it’s a Wednesday! I know I have been posting only on Sunday’s since I started out my blog, but I am going to try my best and see if I can post on alternating Wednesdays now too. I am not promising that I will achieve it as I do have a full time job and make cakes on the side, but I really enjoy my blog!

Second part of my collection series – my lipsticks! Admittedly, I don’t tend to gravitate towards a lipstick/lip colour much these days as I usually do a bold eye and want to keep the lip quite natural but never the less I seem to have quite a bit collection of lipsticks so of course I still wanted to show you!

I can just tell that this is going to be a messy post so hold on! I think doing this post has also made me realise that I don’t actually need all of these and maybe at the end of it I will part with some.


  1. MAC Cosmetics – Viva Glam 1. I think this is my go to red lip. My mum and dad actually bought this for me as a gift and I love it. It’s more of a dark red than a bright so I like it.
  2. Rimmel By Kate – 111 Kiss of life. This was my first ever red lipstick and I used to wear this constantly. Since getting the above I haven’t really reached for it as much. But if I do want a bright red lip then it’s perfect.
  3. Loreal Color Riche – 364. I’m not really sure how this came to be in my collection, I think my best friend gave it to me. I don’t really use it much as I tend to reach for the others I have.
  4. Collection colour pout – 5 pout. I remember getting this one for the sole reason of being a doll one halloween. I thought, and was right about it, that a pen would be a lot easier to draw on tiny doll lips with. It’s also more of a lip stain so it didn’t smudge from where it was placed. Have I used it since? No. It looks like it would be purple in the packet but as you can see from the swatch it is more of a red. I think I am still going to keep it though, just in case!


  1. Rimmel Color Essential- 902 Fuchsia Flash. Now this was a staple of mine ages ago! I would wear all black everything and just have mascara and liner on and then use this as a pop of colour. Now, its usage has really dropped. I am still keeping it though in case a bold pink lip comes back into fashion!
  2. GOSH – 004 Matt Coral. Do they even make GOSH anymore because these lipsticks are actually really good! Admittedly, not really used but will be keeping.
  3. Rimmel – 210 Coral in gold. This is barely used and I decided it wouldn’t ever be used again but instead of throwing I asked my mum if she wanted it. She did so it will be re-homed!
  4. Topshop – Falling fast. Yep, this is old. As you can see it’s got the old topshop packaging. I honestly do not like these lipsticks, I think they can go.
  5. Topshop – OHH LA LA. Same applies.
  6. KylieCosmetics – Baby girl. I love. This is part of the KoKo set, Ieuan got it for me one Christmas. I have no negatives. I love the lipsticks from this brand. I love this colour. I don’t use it as much as I would like because I am a little scared of pink on my lips. And also I have to go through a lot of pre-Kylie lipstick before wearing. All the lipscrubs etc to make sure I have no dryness.
  7. KylieCosmetics – Doll. Basically mirrored opinion of the one above but again this one is even brighter so the last bit applies even more.
  8. Jeffree Star – Jeffree Who? My first ever Jeffree Star Cosmetics product and I love it. Same applies for the Kylie’s if I want to wear it as it is super matte. This one probably could have fallen under the nude or even purples category but for some reason I thought it was more pinky than it is!


Like I said in the opening – I love a nude!

  1. MAC Cosmetics – Taupe. I think I said in a previous post how much I loved this lipstick when I had it before and how much I went through to get it back in my life. And here we are reunited and it is still one of my most used nudes.
  2. MAC Cosmetics – Jamie Genevieve. Ieu got me this for the Christmas just gone and I couldn’t be more buzzing about it. It’s just a gorgeous nude. Deffo reach for this as a top 5!
  3. NYX lingerie- LIPLI02 embellishment. Now before I discovered Kylie and Jeffree NYX lingerie was the ONE when it came to liquid lips. But since adding the others to my collection I don’t seem to be reaching for these as much, don’t get me wrong I still reach for them just not as much. This colour is my favourite of the three I have and definitely my most used.
  4. NYX lingerie- LIPLI13 scandalous. Same as above really. I got this because I am obsessed with khaki. Thinking about it now, not such a great colour on the lips. I like to wear this when I’m in all black and khaki. Not so much anymore.
  5. NYX lingerie – LIPLI22 silk indulgent. Ugh this one annoys me. Although I like the formula of these liquid lips I hated this. I don’t know if it was the colour or whatever. But I got this one for a cute little pink/nude lip and I have worn it once but never again. Maybe I need to give it another go and figure out if it was just that one time or if it’s time to say goodbye to this one. Even when I applied this in a swatch it was weird and clumpy, it’s just so different to the others.
  6. NYX soft matte – SMLC16 cairo. Ieuan got me these for our first ever Christmas together. At the time I loved them, now when I choose to pop one on I instantly regret it. Probably because I have now tried and preferred other formulas?
  7. NYX soft matte – SMLC14 zurich. Same applies.
  8. NYX soft matter – SMLC19 cannes. Again the same. I might have to part with these but I am clinging on as they’re the first ones Ieu bought me.
  9. Collection Velvet Kiss – caramel 2. This was a freebee from an order. I haven’t ever used it that I can recall. It’s the same sort of thing as the NYX soft mattes so not one I would reach for.
  10. New look. I loved these little pencil things. Not anymore. Bye.
  11. Rimmel By Kate – 45. I LOVE this lipstick. My sister stole it for ages and I got it back and use it every now and again. Usually when I have an extreme eye look going on. It’s nude and matte and barely there but does a good job of looking cute! Although looking at this swatch VS the MAC Jamie one maybe I can give this one back to my sister as they are so similar.
  12. GOSH – 013 Cinnamon. Like I said before this lipstick is great. But do I really need to keep it? It’s barely used and well I have a lot of similar ones that are used more.
  13. Kylie Cosmetics – Bunny. Another part of the Koko collection and my most used nude to date I would say. It’s literally the perfect colour and wears so well.


  1. Kylie Cosmetics – Leo lipkit. This was my first ever Kylie product and Ieu again got this for me as a gift when I was super into a bold lip. So at the time I loved it. Now, not so much. I still love it but I need an occasion to wear it.
  2. Rimmel – 128 Starry-eyed. My first ever purple lip and again before I got the Kylie one I would wear it a lot. Still keeping though.
  3. NYX liquid suede – LSCL 23 Club Hopper. I have, never, ever, worn this. I have never reached for it. I don’t know why I bought it. I love NYX so maybe I did a shop and this was on it? I’m in two minds about keeping it because the formula actually felt really good on the swatch but I don’t know! Looking at the swatch it is more of a brown but in the tube looks purple.
  4. Clinique – 45 Strut. Yes admittedly this is a pink but it didn’t look like that in the applicator so it’s in this category. I had this as a gift from my sister this Christmas with a set from Clinique and although I haven’t tried it yet I am rather looking forward to. I just need an occasion!
  5. Revlon matte balm – 270 fiery flamboyante.  I remember loving this. Now not so much. I think it’ll get the chuck.
  6. New Look. Like I said, I loved these little pencil things. Not anymore. Bye.


  1. Beautybakerie – Cinnamon roll. I love, love, love this brand. Baking and makeup together amazing. Not to mention these Lip Whips are everything, the formula, the wear, the time it stays put on your lips! They are just great and I really do love this colour but I have to be feeling in the mood to wear it. I have worn it a couple of times and really liked it. I would like to invest in some more Lip Whips at one point.  I think I like this one because although it’s metallic, it’s subtle.
  2. NYX Liquid Suede – LSCL35 Bikerbabe. Ugh I’m ashamed to say again, I have never worn this just like the other one. I think I must have bought them the same time. I do really want to try this though, they formula feels great.


  1. Revlon Color stay – natural.
  2. Revlon Color stay – nude.
  3. Revlon color stay – red. These liners are great. They’re twisty not sharpened, which is ok, unless you want a fantastic point. I don’t really use lip liners but sometimes I only use lipliners and these ones are great and do not budge.
  4. HudaBeauty – Venus. I have not used this yet, but I am SO excited to. I got this in my Glossybox. The swatch went on with barely any pressure and was so super creamy so I can’t wait to use this. Not to mention it’s a nude so I will get the most use out of this!
  5. BarryM lip liner – 14 (I think). I have never used this, it still has the packaging on. I think looking at the colour of it, I got it for halloween looks? Keeping though as it’s unopened and may be used in the future.
  6. BarryM – lets be clear lip fixer. Ummm I literally remember buying this thinking it was a white eyeliner, that’ll teach me not to read things! Again unopened but keeping as I might use in the future.


  1. Kylie Cosmetics – Sugar Plum. The last one from the Koko Collection. My most used lip gloss as it is stunning!!! So used that I didn’t have it here to take a picture but I can tell you exactly which coat pocket it is in. This is a stunning gloss, I have no flaws with it!
  2. MUA – aurora shine.
  3. MUA – plumping gloss. If you read my MUA blog post ( ) you’ll know that I wasn’t the most impressed with these glosses. Regardless I have still used them.
  4. Avon – sunset pink. This one is another one that I really enjoy using. That’s all I really have to say about it. It’s a stunning sheer coat of gloss for bold eye look days.
  5. Seventeen – lip luster x 4. These came in a set I had one Christmas from my mum and they’re actually the first ‘proper’ lip glosses I had and what I used to realise that I actually do like a glossy lip.
  6. Studio London. Never used. Will probably keep as it is the only red tinted gloss I have and I might need it one day.
  7. Soap & Glory extreme mother pucker. I love this for pre-lipstick/gloss looks. Although, I don’t see a major WOW effect, I do see and feel slight work happening from it.



Just random bits for my lips.

  1. Nivea – Hydro care. Really the only thing in this list that I use regularly, everyday in fact. It’s just a classic lip balm.
  2. Nivea lip butter – coconut. Although not much different to the above. I reach for the twisty ones rather than ones I have to dip my finger in. I do prefer the scent on this one.
  3. LUSH lip scrub – bubblegum. A holy grail lip product I think. I love these for some lip care either before a matte lipstick or in general for some tlc. Not to mention they smell amazing.
  4. MUA lip primer. A useless item in my collection I must admit.
  5. Two random ‘lip balms’ that I have never ever used but just like the smell of. Again, pretty pointless.

And there we have it. I have so many lip products, wow.

Hope you enjoyed my second part of this little series. Do you have any of the same lip products as me and what do you think of them?

Beth x



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