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Number three of my series – base products. This is a collection that you would think would be slightly smaller. Most people have a day to day base and a night time base – right? But for me I have so many, I like to try out different ones but still keep all the others as I like them. So this post is going to be an insight on why I try and justify why I have so many of these products!


Not exactly classed as a base product but I don’t have enough of these to make it it’s own post.

  1. Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser. After doing some research to try and find the price for this I’ve realised I CAN’T FIND IT ANYWHERE?! Has it been discontinued? I have seen it on ebay and amazon but not on their website or boots! I’m praying this isn’t the last one I’ll ever use because I love it. It’s really hydrating and does help ease my oiliness.
  2. Formula 10.06 Thirst No More Moisturiser. RVP £7.50.  I have not long had this in my collection. I haven’t ever heard of this brand or anything like that. I went on BeautyBay and searched for hydrating primers because my skin and under my eyes have really been struggling recently, and this came up. It was a good price and seemed to promise some nice things so I got it. I do really like this actually, it’s got a weird citrus sort of scent and even has acne fighting properties.

I tend to rotate weekly from one of these to the other because like I have said I feel like that’s when I can see they work. If I use one constantly I find that they don’t work as well for me as if I was first using them, so I like to switch it up. I think I am going to look into finding another moisturiser to chuck into the mix, and I’ll definitely have to if the simple one has disappeared?! But for now I am really happy with the ones I am using.


Now primers, I have minimal knowledge in this area, so if you are reading this and think ‘um no’ please tell me and give me advice because I need it!

  1. Benefit Porefessional. RVP between £20 and £30. First few years of makeup I used this constantly. It was my only primer, I had the mini as a gift and when that ran out I thought yes I need a new one. Well, I didn’t. I honestly barely use this anymore, not even for full glam. I find my makeup coming off in the areas I’ve used it, especially my nose and it’s just not one I reach for anymore. Don’t get me wrong I will use it because of the price but I don’t tend to reach for it anymore.
  2. The Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Primer – RVP £5.50. The same with the moisturiser, I went to BeautyBay and I searched for a hydrating primer and this is what caught my eye in the results. I am so glad I got this because it has simply gone to the top of my favourite primers. It dries down great and really does prolong the wear of the makeup I apply on top. It’s hydrating and dewy and I just love it. It smells a little weird but it does not put me off at all. I really love this product.
  3. MUA Pro Base Banana Blur Primer. RVP £4.00. I have said before I do like this primer, although it says mattifying and it’s more dewy, I like that. I like the smell. It’s more of an everyday primer that I would put on barely-there makeup. I don’t think I would trust this under a full face glam look.
  4. MAC Prep & Prime Fix+ Lavender. RVP £19.00. I use this as a primer under full glam, heavy makeup just to give my skin some hydration before hand. I honestly do not know if this is right but it has ‘prime’ in the name so. Like I have said before I love the lavender one as it helps with getting ready anxiety, this one in the pic is literally empty but I do have a brand new full one to use when this does run out. I just love it. I also use this in between makeup sections, so after base – spray to give some more hydration, after eyes – spray and so on.


The collection that just seems to keep on growing..

  1. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. RVP being discontinued £5.99. Now I know this one has been discontinued, it is now ‘Lasting Radiance Foundation’ that retails at £9.99. As you’ll know if you read my ‘What I’m taking on Holiday – Beauty’ blog post back in June this is my holiday foundation. I will be taking this one on my holiday again this year. I just love the light coverage, glowy look it gives. I’ll repurchase the re branded version too, when I need to.
  2. NYX Total Drop Foundation. RVP between £10 and £15. This is my ‘I don’t want full glam but I want coverage’ foundation.  I wear this when I’m going out for lunch or out for the day where I want to make an effort but don’t want the full glam foundation.
  3. Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Foundation. RVP between £20 and £30. This is my go to ‘I’m leaving the house, not doing anything special but I want to have something on my face’ foundation. It’s light and dewy and barely there. I’m not 100% adamant this is my correct colour but it works for me when I use it. I feel like I could probably not repurchase this and just stick to a drug store. I think I could find one that does a similar thing for a smaller budget, BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t love this foundation because I do.
  4. Nip & Fab Foundation. RVP between £7.00 and £13.00. As you can see this is white. It’s my lightener for my other foundations
  5. Too Faced Born This Way Foundation. RVP £30. This is my ‘full glam’ choice in foundation. I loved this when I first got it, although not in my shade and having to use lightener, I just loved it. Now, I’m not so sure it’s ‘love’ anymore. I notice that it creeps into my smile lines, which aren’t incredibly prominent and creases slightly more than I realised it did when I first started using it. I do still like the finish it gives but when this runs out I think I’ll be giving another foundation a go for my ‘full glam’ looks.
  6. Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation. RVP £9.00. This is one that is relatively new to my collection.  I obviously got it because of the massive hype around it and because I love the concealer. I am not the biggest of fans of this foundation. The coverage is great and I like how it looks but as it’s matte I find it really clings to my dry areas. If I exfoliate, extra moisturise and use my The Ordinary primer then I have minimal problems with it but if I just want to chuck on some foundation without all the effort then I don’t think this is the one I’d reach for.
  7. Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops – Celestial. RVP £34.00. This isn’t a foundation I know but I love love love mixing this in with my foundation (usually the born this way, NYX and NARS) to give a little bit of a dewy glow to the skin.
  8. NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. RVP between £30.00 and £35.00. I got this because I was intrigued. I kind of wish that I didn’t. Although, I do use it. This is a tough one. I don’t like it enough to make it my ‘full glam’ foundation but I do pick it over my NYX ones sometimes. Still slightly too dark so I add lightener. It’s one of those foundations that clings to my dry spots too.


  1. Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer. RVP being discontinued £3.70. The same applies to this as the foundation. My holiday concealer, love how it looks and feels on holiday.
  2. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. RVP £4.19. My all time favourite concealer. It has been my go to since day one for coverage. I have the Lemon for under my eyes, which I only really use for brightening if I really need it under full glam looks. I also have the Fair one to use as my concealer. I have noticed  that they have added new shades to the range with one lighter than Fair and I think I will grab that as well as Fair again as this one is nearly out. I think I would choose this one over the Revolution one at the moment because my skin is super dry, especially around the eyes, and I feel like this one doesn’t cling to the dryness as much.
  3. Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer. RVP £4.00. Saying that I do LOVE this one. The formula and the coverage and the finish you can not fault. It’s definitely an equal go to as my Collection one (except on dry days). I also have a darker shade that I use for bronzing and it blends amazing. The super size one is unopened yet as my smaller one hasn’t finished.
  4. NYX HD Photogenic Conceler. RVP £6.00. This is one I use on good skin days as the coverage isn’t the most coverage-y. It’s a nice formula but I do much prefer a heavier duty concealer.
  5. BeautyBakerie Cake Face Concealer. RVP £20.00. I am including this one because it is in my collection but it is unused. It’s way to dark for me! It’s so upsetting because the formula felt amazing when I swatched it. There’s no way I would be able to get away with using it. It’s up as for sale on my Depop, but maybe if no one has shown interest I’ll take it on holiday and see if my skin darkens enough to get away with it? I really want to try it out for real!


  1. BeautyBakerie Flour Setting Powder. RVP £19.50. Now this is a BeautyBakerie product that I can use! This is the most gorgeous and perfect setting powder I have ever used! It’s so soft and smooth and so far from drying and cakey. It’s honestly gorgeous. I have to say I save this for glam days because it’s so nice I don’t want to waste it. I really love the packaging and the concept behind it too!
  2. Revolution Bake & Finish Powder. RVP £5.00. I like this, I don’t love this. It’s really drying. It does the job, and I love it for baking. It’s just so drying, great for my oily bits but torture for my dry bits. Also not a big fan of the lid etc, not much room. I’ll still use it because it works but my skin will be sad about it when it’s dry.
  3. MUA Pro/Base Matte Pressed Powder. RVP £2.00. I forget I have this when I am in the middle of doing my makeup but when I remember it and use it I love it. I’m going to try my best to not forget about it and try use it a little more. I don’t think it’s as good at setting things down as a loose powder is but I really like the finish it gives.

There we have my base collection at the minute. I already have a few things I want to add to this so I’m sure when the time comes around to have another one of these posts things will be different!

Do you have and use any of these products or did you have and hate any of them? Let me know!

Beth x


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