Pamper evening

Last weekend I had an extremely chilled Saturday evening. I wasn’t feeling the best so I thought I deserved some TLC. While I was at it I thought it would be nice to show you guys how I have a pamper/relaxing evening.

First things first, hair up. While some people might find washing their hair/doing a hair mask pampering, I find it EFFORT. So I chuck my hair up in a bun and put in my bandanna to keep my hair away from my face. I have had this bandanna a few years now, I think I just got it from new look.

I then ran a bath, with a LUSH bubble bar. I used the GRL PWR one. While this was running I would have usually taken my makeup off but as I didn’t have make up on at all today I didn’t have to. If I did have makeup on, I would have used the Garnier Micellar water and cotton pads to remove it. Again while the bath was running I used a LUSH face wash. This one is called Herbalism and it is new to my collection, I had run out of my other face wash so this was my first time using this one. It was kind of weird, the texture was hard, and you have to use water to turn it into a paste and then wash your face with it. It kind of smells like mint sauce, it was just different. But it left my skin feeling great!

The bath was now run, so it was time to light a candle and pick out my bath products. I went for Yankee Candle Fluffy Towels as I wanted something soft and relaxing, I wasn’t in the mood for sweet and floral. And then I used, what I always use and that’s Soap & Glory Clean on Me and Scrub of your life. As this was a proper pamper I was going to shave my legs, so I use the scrub first and then lather on the body wash to shave with. I find it works well and leaves my skin smooth and reduced dryness and rashes.

Before I got in the bath I made sure I had my pj’s ready for when I got out. I put them on the radiator so that they were nice and toasty. I also try my very best to use time in the bath as time away from my phone. Admittedly, I have found myself mindlessly scrolling for no reason. I put on my favourite bath time playlist ‘Acoustic Hits’ from Apple Music and pop my phone to the side.

While in the bath I popped on a facemask. I have so many but today I decided to go for the Garnier Skinactivate Pure Charcoal Black Tissue Mask. I always find these masks absolutely massive, they swamp my face and I look so funny in them. But I definitely felt the benefits from this one after wearing it. After 15 minutes, skin was left feeling great.

I then had a nice relaxing chill in the bath. I really love baths, just gives time to breathe and relax and just catch up with your thoughts. When I was done relaxing and on the verge of pruning I decided it was time to come out. I dried myself off and took my Bodyshop Coconut Moisturiser and slathered that all over my freshly shaven legs. I then grabbed a few cotton pads and my Garnier Skinactive Refreshing botanical toner and gave my face a bit of love. I am no skincare expert so I don’t know if I should have used this after the mask or not, but I did. When my face was all toned I used my Avant Delux Hyaluroince Acid Vivifying Face & Eye Night Cream (mouthful) to moisturise. This is a moisturiser I got in a Glossybox, I think it’s £80+ pounds to buy so I definitely would not have got this myself. But it’s a nice moisturiser, thankfully I don’t like it enough to have to repurchase when this runs out! But my skins was now feeling great from top to bottom!

I popped on my toasty pj’s and was now ready for an evening of wine and cheesy TV programmes. Ieuan stayed in this evening too which was really nice as usually he goes out after football. But we stayed in with my family and snuggled on the sofa and it was lovely!


Beth x

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