Bronzer & Blush collection

Number 4 of the series and I’m thinking maybe the smallest so far? – Bronzer and Blush. I only recently ventured out into the blush field so I don’t have that many to show. With bronzer I think I have only recently perfected the way I do it so I have my favourites and that’s it.

Powder Bronzer/contour 

Benefit Hoola Bronzer – I loved this one when I first got it, and do still love it now, but I have got a new one that’s slightly lighter so I reach for it more. This is great as its the mini so I tend to take this in my travel makeup with me. It will definitely be coming on my holidays this year! It just blends great and it’s not too dark for me. I have seen they have released some new shades now and the lighter one might fit me better but for now I am happy with this one!

MAC Studio Fix Powder in NW30 – This is the one that overtook my Hoola. As you’ll know if you read my Cardiff Shopping Haul ( ) you’ll know I went into the MAC store and asked for help in choosing a bronzer for me. I am so glad I did, I love this. As you can see it’s a lot lighter than Hoola so it does not make me orange. It’s really blendable as it is actually a powder foundation and not a ‘bronzer’ but the colour bronzes me up. I have heard that this is great for extra coverage when you get it as a foundation too so I think I might have to pick it up one day and give it a go.

Bodyshop Shimmer Waves – my oldest and most used bronzer. I actually stole this from my mum who used to use it as an eyeshadow. It was when contour and bronzing was just in and I wanted to try it out and this hasn’t left my makeup bag since (don’t worry I bought my mum a new one!). It’s a lot of a darker shade, I tend to use it after one of the ones above just right in my cheekbones just to give them some more depth over the bronze. I really like the shimmer this has in it. I know not everyone is a big shimmer bronzer fan but I think it gives a slight healthy look to you.

NYX Highlight & Contour pro palette – I never really reach for this as it’s hidden away in my palette box and other’s are just easier to grab/take with you. But looking at the swatches I wonder why I don’t use this more often. I definitely used to use it a lot in the beginning. Obviously some of the shades are too warm/dark for me but the third one is really similar to the others I use. Maybe it just isn’t as convenient for me to grab a big bulky palette.

Creme/Liquid bronzer/contour

Collection contour sticks – I think that’s what they are called I am not too sure. I have Light and Medium. Light is the one I would normally use, I had medium before and have kind of stopped using it since getting light. I don’t tend to reach for creme contour much anymore. I do like it when I’m doing a quick natural makeup look though.

Revolution Conceal & Define Toffee 13.5 – Like I have said before this is probably way too dark for me, but I use it anyway, SPARINGLY! This is usually the one I grab for a natural bronze look. I use the smallest amount, it blends amazingly and I don’t feel muddy afterwards.


Kylie Cosmetics X Rated – My first and favourite ever ever ever blush. This is the first one that I ever bought and is hands down my favourite. I love the colour and the formula, it’s subtle but build-able and blends so gorgeously. I really would stock up on loads more Kylie Blushes if the shipping wasn’t so atrociously expensive. I just love it.

Sleek Life’s a Peach – I got this for everyday,  I love the Kylie one so much I didn’t really want to use it all up in random every day looks etc. So I got this, I like it, it’s a little more of a pink peach than Kylie but it’s still really cute. It’s super pigmented so I have to be careful. It’s a great every day blush really!!

Revolution Blushing Hearts – I got this because I was like hm all my blushes are peach, I wonder whether I’ll like pink blush. I like it, it’s cute. I still think I’d reach for a peach one. But I do really like this one, it’s not too bright and I think the shimmer in it is cute!

So there we have it, my bronzer and blush collection. That I don’t doubt will grow in no time. For now I am really happy with the products I am using! What are your favourites? Let me know!

Beth x

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