Lighter hair!

If you read my post back in September ( ) you’ll know I have been a lot of different hair colours. You’ll also know I went through a drastic hair upgrade in that blog post. Now with summer almost here I decided I wanted another change up, so obviously I went back to Ryan (@ryankstylist on insta) – the king of colour for this step into summer hair. If you’d like to see what I did this time then keep reading.

So this was my hair not long, maybe a couple of months after I had it done (if you haven’t read my first hair makeover post). I had this done in September and as you can see its quite short, even after two months worth of growth. It’s a really dark brown and I wanted to lighten it up a little as I felt like being so pale I needed it.


This is me before I went to get my hair done. It has grown a lot, and gets so thick when it does so. But as you can see it’s still relatively dark and I just felt like it was washing me out.

I was keen to stay a brunette but I wanted to lighten it up, especially for summer. I have a best friend’s wedding at the start of May and I wanted some fresh hair for that too. This is the picture that I took to Ryan for reference.  I wanted to keep my length the same though as I am super happy with how it’s looking when I style it etc so I didn’t want to change that, so it was just the colour I was asking for.


So this is a comparison of my old hair and my new hair after having it done:-

You can’t see much difference really but when you come up close, you can see the stunning new hair I now have!

I love it. As you can see it is a lot lighter than what it was before. And I just don’t look washed out and super pale anymore. It’s not a drastic change like before but I feel so much better in myself with my lighter brunette that I feel as though it is. I am so so happy and have had so many compliments since having it done.


This is the picture of my hair that my hairdresser put up and I can’t quite believe that it is my hair. I LOVE IT. I just feel so pretty and confident. If only I knew how to style it as well as Ryan does I would be set for life!

Beth x

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