Palette collection

My last makeup post for this series and possibly the biggest and best! My makeup palettes. I have so many my whole family judge me, but do I stop? NO. I just love creating eye looks, even though I’m not the best, I just love it. So here is my collection of palettes!

As you’ll notice in the above pictures there are a few more palettes present than what I talk about below. This is because I went to want to talk about them but I realised that they were kind of old and manky and I hadn’t used them in at least a year so instead of talking about them, I chucked them and then didn’t get round to retaking the pictures of them.

Manny MUA – Life’s a Drag Palette

This was a birthday present off one of my equally makeup enthusiastic best friends. This palette is great for neutral looks and for a pop of colour. I don’t tend to grab this one as often as some others but I really should. The quality of the shadows is great and the glitter/foil ones are just stunning. I really like the top right shade! I always find myself forgetting about the brush that comes with this but I do use it when I remember and it works well when I do.

Anastasia Beverley Hills – Subculture Palette

This is my first ever and only ABH palette, that I happened to get at a massive discount and I don’t remember how. But that’s the only reason I could justify buying it. I really do not reach for this at all. I have done in the past – I took it to Manchester as it had a lot of colours and is quite a good size but at home I just reach for others. Doesn’t mean I don’t adore it though. The pigmentation is amazing – although I get a bit of fallout. Really love the teal and glittered green colours, as well as that super pretty orange. Again, I am always forgetting about the little brush included.

Clinique Palette

Another gift and until the Wedding (in my last blog post) I haven’t had a chance to use. I loved it though. The colours are really sweet and subtle and work really well together. They feel really nice and worked well on my eyes. I feel like the palettes I have don’t have colours like these in them so that’s where this one stands out. Not to mention the fact that it’s so tiny it’ll fit right in a makeup bag. (I didn’t use the little ‘brushes’ provided.)

MAC Palette

I am always going to be slightly biased about this palette because it was the first ever one Ieu bought for me and he got it SO right with the colours and everything like that. I love this one so much. Although I don’t reach for it as much as I used to now I have had some new ones I will always have this in my travel bag because it’s so small and you just can’t go wrong with the colours in there.

Soph does nails x Revolution Palette

I know that I have mentioned and swatched this one before ( ) but I obvs had to do it again a little later on down the usage line. This is one of my absolute favourite palettes. I LOVE it. I use it almost every time I have an eye look to do, even if I’m not intending to use it, a shade or two always seem to creep in. For £10 this is an incredible palette, I don’t think I could live without it. It’s not the smallest but then it’ll be great to take travelling with you as it has every shade you’d need. Not to mention my go to mirror for going my makeup, it’s so big, it’s great! I have no complaints about this at all. I love it.

Morphe x James Charles – Artistry Palette

Now then, my biggest, newest and most colourful palette of the lot. Ieu actually got this for me for Christmas and I am so beyond grateful. I love this palette so much, it has every colour your mind could imagine and has brought some bright looks out in me since having it. Obviously, this isn’t a travel friendly palette so when I am home this is the one I reach for the most (as well as Soph’s). I just love it.

So there we have it, my palette babies. Do you have any of these palettes? If so what do you think of them?

Beth x




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