Bank Holiday Monday @ Folly Farm

Monday 6th May was a Bank Holiday and Ieuan had actually agreed to spend the day with me and not go and play golf. And even better he had agreed to take me to Folly Farm, one of my favourite places ever. We decided to see if his sister (Catrin), her partner (Gareth) and their toddler, our niece (Scarlet) wanted to come too and they did. So we got ready and headed to Haverfordwest to pick them up.


It wasn’t cold but it wasn’t hot. It was coat weather but dry so it was perfect. We arrived at about 12 and headed to the Jolly Barn where we saw the horses, pigs, goats and chickens, as well as the giant bunnies. Scarlet was more interested in the slides than the animals. We then went into the exotic animal building where there are snakes, lizards, frogs, spiders and some fish. There’s even the a sloth retirement area, where they have two older sloths who have come to relax at Folly Farm, I was a big fan of them!

Next, lunch, Catrin had packed them a lunch but Ieuan and I were planning on buying ours there. We found a restaurant/cafe and ordered our food, I had chicken and chips and Ieu had sausage and chips, we even got Catrin, Gareth and Scarlet some chips to share. It was really nice!

After we had enjoyed our lunch and had a wee it was time to wander around the zoo enclosures. Ieuan and Catrin’s favourites the penguins were first, they were super close to us at one point. They are Humbolt and Macaroni penguins and they’re so lush I love them! Next were the giraffes and zebras, they’re so cool and it’s hard to believe how big they actually are. I was most excited to see my favourite animal (after a cat) the meerkats. I adore them, they’re so funny and charismatic. I could watch them for ages but obviously with other people it was eventually time to move on. We then saw another one of my favourites from this zoo, even though they are always sleeping, the Ocelots. I LOVE them, obviously because they’re a kind of cat but also because they are just so small and cute and their patterns are stunning. Speaking of big cats we then saw the lions, we happened to be around when they were being fed. This meant that I saw them closer than I have ever seen them before. They are just beautiful, I was in awe. We stood and watched them for a while as Ieuan and I were infatuated with them, especially with them so close. They were our last animal on the walk, we did see loads more but those were my favourite ones from this trip.

We had to make a stop in the Fun Fair while we were there. Ieuan and Catrin went on the Caterpillar ride, that they admitted wasn’t as good as when they used to go on it as kids! Gareth and I stayed with Scarlet and put her on one of the 50p little rides that kids love. Next Ieuan and Gareth went on the bumper cars and had a whale of a time crashing and smashing. We spent a little time on the 2p machines and of course none of us won anything. The whole reason that I was excited to go to the Fun Fair was for the doughnuts, they are honestly the best sugar doughnuts and melted chocolate I have ever had. I am honestly always thinking about them lol! Ieuan and I shared 4 and some chocolate.

Gareth had wanted to go on the big wheel all day, and the plan was for him to take Scarlet on it and the rest of us wait on solid ground. Catrin is scared of heights, I’m scared of rides and Ieuan wasn’t really fussed. But I plucked up the courage and said I would go on and Catrin had to so that Scarlet wouldn’t cry! So we all went on, Ieu and I in one carriage and Catrin, Gareth and Scarlet in another. I was so nervous the whole way around but I really loved being on it and seeing the farm/zoo from so high up.


That was our last thing before we went home and I’d say it was ending the day on a ‘high’! I really do love Folly Farm and it doesn’t ever get boring the more times I go. Do you have a place like that?

Beth x

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