Hair products collection

I know I missed an upload last week and I am sorry about that. But here I am with another entry into my collection posts. This one is one that kind of sits in the back for me. I am not a hair product kind of girl but I thought I would include what I use so that you guys can have a sneak peak into my hair-life.


got2b crazy 4 sleek days heat-activated straightening spray


I got this at a time when my hair was shorter and it never ever stayed straight. So I thought I’d give it a go and see if it worked. It was also a heat protectant too. When my hair was shorter I didn’t find that it worked on keeping it straight, it would still get little kinks in it. Even now I don’t think it’s the best at doing what it says it should but I just use it as a heat protectant more than to keep my hair straight these days.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Original


This is actually empty. I got this at Christmas and it’s lasted me until now so that’s pretty good going I think. I don’t tend to use it much, unless I really need to give my hair some more life. But I always use Batiste and get on with it really well, I quite like the original one too as I don’t like anything too powerful in my hair where it’s like ‘bam’ and you can clearly smell she’s got dry shampoo in.

Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Oil


I have had this for a while, I rotate between this and the other stuff for a heat protectant.  I think I prefer this one. I have to be careful not to over use it as it’s an oil but the right amount and it works lovely on my hair.

VO5 Extra Hold Hairspray


I love this stuff. Ieuan grabbed it for me one day when I had run out and I think it’s my favourite hairspray to date. It smells great and does give that ‘extra hold’ like it says on the tube.

VO5 Heat Protect Spray


I didn’t realise I had so many heat protectors until I actually looked. I think this is my favourite. I don’t think I use one enough to have a favourite though to be fair. I like the smell and the consistency of this though.

got2b Beach Matt mermaid look texturizing salt spray


This used to be my favourite EVER product. I would spray it on my wet hair, scrunch, let it air dry and then that would be my hair styling done for the day. I don’t know whether the formula changed or my hair changed but the past year or so maybe it just doesn’t work anymore. I find it does nothing but make my hair sticky. Which is so sad to me. I really don’t reach for this anymore.


BabByliss Hair Straightener


I really apologise for the absolute STATE on this straightener. Obviously all the days of straightening with a full face of makeup are catching up with me. I do clean it but I haven’t recently (CLEARLY). This is one my sister got me as a gift a few years ago. It works perfectly still and has about 5 different heat choices. I think that’s great when it comes to curling and straighening.

Paddle Brush


This is literally just a cheap paddle brush and it’s all I use to brush my hair. I have had it a while.

Mark Hill curler medium barrel


My most recent hair tool. Ieuan got me this for Christmas the year just gone. I really really wanted a barrel curler and he got me the most perfect one. This is one of the ones with the rotating handle, which in all honestly I haven’t mastered yet. But I love it. I think its the Medium barrel I have but you can get loads of different ones and they are changable which I think is super cool and I will invest in another barrel soon. But the medium one curls my hair exactly how I like my hair curled so I can’t fault it. Also the colours are just my fave.

Wazor Hairdryer


I honestly don’t know what brand this is. My parents got me this for Christmas and it’s just a basic hairdryer. It does the job and has 3 power settings and 3 heat ones. I tend to stick to the middle ones as they are the echo ones. It also has a cold button too which is great for hot days!

There we have my hair products collection. You might have noticed that I didn’t include a shampoo and conditioner. That’s because I am still on the search for me favourite ones. I currently am using a set that I really do not like so I didn’t think there was any point in including it. I have been using many different brand and types but have yet to find a clear favourite. I think my favourite ever one was the Fudge Professional Silver Shampoo and conditioner but I obviously can’t use that one now that I am brunette. But I know that they do a brunette version so I might see what I think of that next.

What are your favourite hair products?

Beth x

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