What I’m taking on Holiday – Beauty #2

If you’ve been here a while you’ll know that I did this blog post last year for my family holiday to Bulgaria. I really enjoyed doing it and it sort of acted like a check list for me so that I didn’t forget anything. This is what I took last year – https://beththanperfect.com/2018/07/01/what-im-taking-on-holiday-beauty/


I’m really going to try and go for minimal products this year. I found last time I took a load and really did not need it. I am taking the same yellow Harry Potter Bag as last time with all of my makeup inside.

For moisturiser this year I will be bringing this Ole Hendrikson set. As you can see it has a day moisturiser and an evening one as well as a serum. I saw this and just thought it would be great for travels as its just so small. I will then be bringing my holy grail primer, the Banana Bright primer by the same brand. I LOVE this. It’s honestly the best primer I have ever had. It’s the perfect base for makeup and stops me getting oily, which is great if I’m going to all hot abroad.

If you read my post last year then this next item wont be a surprise. It’s the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in Ivory. I know that they have re-branded and discontinued this one but I have it in my collection so I am using it. Again, I love this one for a light coverage. It’s a little dark for me but I am hoping after a little tan it’ll be a good match. I know that if I brought any of my correct colour foundation they’ll be too light for me by the end of my trip (or at least I am hoping). Next is my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, again not really a surprise. I have two shades, Fair 1 and Extra Fair 0, Extra Fair 0 is my shade normally but I am hoping that Fair 1 will be by the end of my trip. I used to wear Fair 1 before Extra Fair 0 was released so it will work. I will be bringing my Beauty Bakerie Translucent powder with me to bake and set my face. I love this one, it has got a great colour to it, and sets my face flawlessly. I’ll be needing all the setting I can get abroad!

Going back to wanting to take as little as possible I decided on taking my mini Hoola by Benefit. This is the original Hoola shade. It’s the darkest bronzer I own as well so I think it’s the safe option if I want to bronze up my tanned skin. I am then taking my Sleek Makeup ‘Life’s a Peach’ blusher. It’s smaller than all my others and I like the peachy colour of it, great for summer evenings! Again to be practical on storage I will be taking my Sleek Makeup palette in Solstice. Four colours in one is just winning, especially when they are all SO stunning. I especially like the golden one when I have a tan.

For my brows I will be bringing my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomede and my NYX tinted brow mascara. I love this duo. I am really loving how my brows are looking with them both these days. But I can also just wear my brow mascara on minimal makeup days to give them some extra fluff. The only eyeshadow palette that I will be bringing is my Soph x Revolution Extra Spice one. I have raved about this on my page for so long! For swatches look here – https://beththanperfect.com/2019/05/12/palette-collection/ . It’s a great travel size palette with a really good range of colours for whatever mood I’m in.

I’ll obviously be bringing my favourite mascara Benefit Roller Lash. The setting spray decision is another that I decided on for space efficiency. It’s the Essence Instant Matt setting spray. I got it from my Glossybox and as I want a small bottle and a matt face I thought I would bring it along. Lips I am very undecided on. I have decided on a few things but I am unsure if I want to add more. I have got the Beauty Kitchen Naturline as I need to be taking care of them on my holiday. I grabbed my Clinique pink, glossy lipstick as I like that kind of lip on holiday. MAC Taupe in case I fancy a nude matte lip and then a clear Barry M Gloss because I am usually choosing a glossy lip on most occasions these days. (Side not I do not find that the gloss plumps AT ALL. I just use it as a clear gloss.)

To remove my makeup I will be taking the Clinique cleansing balm. I decided on this one as it is a small tub and a little goes a long way. All you need is to rub it over your face and clean it off with hot water so it’s great.



Most importantly of all; Suncream. Same as last year Ieuan and I will be using Soltan Protect and Tan factor 30. I burn so easily so I will need to be topping up with this as often as I can. APPLYING SUNCREAM DOES NOT STOP YOU FOR TANNING. IT JUST PROTECTS YOUR SKIN. I was sent a free Soltan Once Face suncream in factor 50+ because I bought so much of their other sun cream. I am interested to give this a go and protect my face that little bit better. Next is aloe vera gel. Not only is this an amazing aftersun but as I am a prickly heat sufferer on my holidays, I end up itchy all over under my skin. I try and keep as hydrated as I physically can be and yet it just doesn’t work. It’s so crap but I find that the Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel really helps ease it before bed (especially if it’s been kept in the fridge!). This year I decided to give Fox Tan Rapid Mist a go. I am not the best at tanning. My skin either burns or takes about 3 months to even have a hint of tan. I have wondered whether this will work when seeing it online and now I can test for myself. (Review coming soon!)

I grabbed this body wash purely because I had already put my shampoo in my basket and I thought I’d buy this to have the same scent. This is just a basic body wash but does the job perfectly and smells great. As Ieuan and I will be sharing it will probably be used up after the end of the week. I got the Soap & Glory body scrub in a small pot. I love having a body scrub if I am shaving and on holiday in bikinis I am going to be doing a lot of that. I also bought some new razors for holiday. I was in need of getting some so I got these. One is for me and the other is actually for Ieuan but they came in a pack of 4. They’re just basic venus ones that you throw away after a while. I can’t see me bringing them back after holiday. Last thing in this kind of category is The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter, again after shaving I love to apply something like this. This is a good size pot for travelling.

A couple of random things that I got was some toothpaste. I got this one because it seemed to be in a relatively small tube compared to other types but big enough for Ieuan and I to share for a week. It goes without saying but I also am taking my toothbrush but that’s currently in the bathroom. I also got some Lemon Fresh Hand Wipes, as a just in case sort of thing. I also have a pack of these for my hand luggage (as you will see in two posts time). I didn’t want to skip out on skincare when I away but also didn’t want to take all of my current things away with me. I got the Boots own brand Foaming Face Wash and Exfoliating Face Scrub to use after I’ve taken my makeup off in the evenings. Next are my life or death’s like I mentioned before I am usually a big victim  of prickly heat, anti histamines really help ease that. I got the 7 day dose as we are only away for a week. Each year I hope I wont have to take them but it’s great to have them there just in case.

To make sure I am smelling fresh on my holiday I am taking my Mitchum deodorant. I love this stuff. It’s so much better than any other deodorant I have ever used, although a little more pricey, definitely worth it. I took the yellow one on holiday last year so I thought I’d give this one a go. I am also taking my LUSH American Cream perfume with me. I have a couple of perfumes at home but I have decided on this one as the bottle is the smallest out of the ones I have. I love the smell too though.


You’ll know if you read my ‘Hair Products collection’ post that I am really not a big hair care obsessive. If it works for me I’ll use it until it runs out. I don’t tend to style my hair much when I’m on holiday, as I am usually too hot but this is what I am taking with me this year.  I actually really love the Boots own brand shampoo and conditioners. They work really well on my hair (which I would call normal I think). It’s not too expensive so I don’t mind buying it for our holiday and leaving what’s left of it there after a week. Like I said before the scent is what I chose this specific one for although I do really like the apple and coconut version. Charles Worthington Take Away Salt Spray and Heat Protectant. Like I said I don’t really style my hair on holiday so salt spray is a must, if it works, I’ve never tried this one so we’ll see if it does. The Heat Protected actually threw me off because I got it thinking it was for hairdryers or straighteners but then it says about protecting you from the sun so I am not so sure. I got the both of them as they are only 50ml and small for travelling. I then got a mini hairspray, more for Ieuan than myself, but if I was going to curl my hair or something this is there for that.

I will also be taking my hairdryer and straighteners on holiday, there’s a change I won’t even use them but I know if I don’t take them I’ll miss them.

I will also be taking a few packs of contacts with me this year! I finally took the plunge and decided to use contacts. I do still wear my glasses but I use contacts for social, I think they’ll be great to use on holiday without worrying about anything!

Thanks for reading!

Beth x

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