What I’m taking on Holiday – Style #2

Again if you have been here a while you’ll know I have already done this post for my holiday last year ( https://beththanperfect.com/2018/07/08/what-im-taking-on-holiday-style/ ) and like I said in my previous blog post I really enjoyed doing it. So here it is again, what I’m taking on holiday this year clothes-wise.

Airport outfit

Last year I didn’t show you what I would be wearing on the plane but that’s because I didn’t really think about it until the last minute. This year I am a little more planned out. I will be wearing this jumper I got from Primark over a plan black vest top, again from Primark I think paired with these black 3 quarter length joggers and my puma trainers. Like I said I go for comfort and not style so I think this is great, I’ll be warm enough in the UK and on the plane but I’ll be able to take off my jumper when we arrive in Gran Canaria.



Again, my favourite part of holiday shopping is getting the bikinis and I know I had a lot last time but this time I think I might have more, oops. The first one piece (Boohoo) I am not sure if I will be taking it or not. I don’t think Ieuan and I will be doing any water parks or things like that but I might take it just in case we do decide to do something that will require a little more security than a bikini. Bikini number two might be one of my favourites (Shein). It’s so cute and I love sunflowers they’re my favourite flower. It’s got straps so obviously there’s the possibility of tan lines but I don’t mind too much. Next is the yellow one that I took last year (Boohoo). Really love the colour and the fact that the straps are tie-able on the bottoms and the top so they can be adjusted to fit perfectly. Next, is  another personal favourite (Shein). I got this last minute when I decided I wanted another bandeau bikini. It’s so cute. Again, another one from last year (Ann Summers). Loved this one last year so it had to come again this year. Lastly, my other favourite (again from Shein). This was the first bikini I bought for this holiday, I was sceptical as it was the first ever bikini I got from Shein but as you can tell because I bought two more from there I loved it. This pattern is just so cute and different!

For the beach again, if you read my last blog you’ll recognise this beach cover up. It’s from Boohoo and I loved it on my holiday last year so of course I’m taking it again. Will be a shame not to have my mum matching with me again this year! I got a new beach bag from Boohoo too, I did have a new one last year but that has been borrowed and seems to have disappeared from my life so I thought I’d invest in this new one. It’s a great size considering I have to carry both mine and Ieuan’s things in it!

Day outfits

Ieuan and I are going to try and make this an ‘adventure’ holiday and do a couple of excursions and day trips this time around so that means I have to take a couple of day outfits. Although I want to look cute I also wanted them to be relatively practical and comfortable as well as not give me bad tan lines after being out all day. First I have this outfit that I think will be super cute. It’s a little boob tube/bandeau from Boohoo paired with some cute material shorts from Shein. I know I said I wanted practical but I think Ieuan and I are planning on taking a trip to the zoo during our holiday so I thought this cute yellow summer dress would be perfect for that! It’s also from Boohoo. This last outfit I have chosen for practicality and it’s a bandeau and material shorts (with pockets),  both from Matalan.

Evening outfits

We have chosen to go self-catering on our holiday so of course I am taking all of  these outfits with the intention of going out for meals and drinks and things like that. I have really enjoyed looking for holiday clothes. You might recognise some of them from last year but I really liked them then so I will be wearing again. The first dress is from Boohoo and I was SO sceptical about wanting to take this because it is super skin tight and I resemble a sausage stuffed into things like this. But when I tried it on Ieu really liked it so I decided to bring it. I don’t think I will be putting my arms through the weird little sleeves but we’ll see! Next is a dress from ASOS that I took on my holiday last year, loved the dress and khaki is my favourite colour so I will be wearing it again this year. Next is a suuuuuper cute sunflower print co-ord from Shein, I had to buy a little boob tube/bandeau to go on underneath the top as it’s a little bit of a weird shape but I still love this. Next is my absolute favourite outfit that I am taking on holiday, it’s a cute maxi dress from Shein. I am really loving yellow at the moment and the shape and way this dress looks on is just lush so I am really looking forward to wearing this! Next I have one top two bottoms so it’s technically two outfits. The co-ord is from Boohoo and the skirt is from ASOS (from last years holiday). I love this top with both bottoms so I thought why not bring them both!


I’m not really the biggest of accessory wearers so it’s not really a priority to me but I do have a couple of favourites that I will bring with me. The first is my necklace that literally never ever ever leaves my neck. Ieuan got it for me on our first Christmas together and it’s been glued to my neck since. Then there are my favourite earrings, they’re Pandoras that my bestie bought me for my 21st. They’re usually glued to my ears but I’ve taken them out pre-holiday to give them a bit of a wash and re-sparkle. I then have the cutest little choker that I got from an independent Depop shop (@shopdaisychain ) they have the cutest jewellery on there! Next are three little anklets from Shein, I always see people with anklets on holiday but I’ve never had one so I got three! I think they’re so cute. I think I will also chuck in a couple of different sizes of hoop earrings but other than that that’s all my accessories.

This holiday again I have gone for the minimal. I am bringing only my black faux leather bum bag as a bag. It’s just a lot more practical!


I’ve said before that I really struggle to decide which shoes to bring on holiday but this year was quite different. I usually bring wedges, but this year I thought it was just a waste of space and weight in the case and sandals work just as well! So the only shoes I will be bringing this year are my two pairs of sandals from Primark, one black and one nude – they’ll go with everything. I will also be bringing my now slightly grubby sliders from Primark for around the pool and in the apartment. (I actually use these as slippers at home!).

And that’s about all I’ll be taking on my holiday. I have really tried to narrow down what I’m bringing this year because I tend to always over pack! Hopefully I will cope!

Beth x

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