What’s in my hand luggage #2

You’ll know by seeing my last two posts that I am going (well actually I currently AM on holiday as you’re reading this). This is what I have taken in my hand luggage.

This year I finally got my own little bag! It’s from Shein and it’s yellow and I love it. It’s so cute and it’s the perfect size for hand luggage.

Last year I said the most important thing that will be in my hand luggage was my glasses and this was kind of a lie. My glasses didn’t actually leave my face at all when I was travelling so this year I won’t list them as they will be on my face! But I will have my sunglasses in there just in case I need them when it’s sunny on the other side! I am taking two pairs this year, the first are from New Look and the second are from TX Maxx. Again, obviously I will have my purse with my euros and some sterling, my card, my ID, the usual purse necessities – I don’t really need all pictures of these!


Again I will be taking my headphones and my portable charger to ensure my phone stays charged while I listen to music during my journey. Most importantly I need to ensure that I have the little adaptor that means I can actually plug my headphones in to my phone. As you can see I have that attached to my selfie stick, which will also be going into my hand luggage bag!


Like I have said before I love reading on my holiday and this year I will be taking ‘The Chimp Paradox’ with me in my hand luggage. I have started reading this but haven’t got very far, I know that I will maybe even finish it on my holiday and I really can’t wait to give it a read. I also will be taking with me, I think also in my hand luggage the book ‘Now You See Me’ by Chris McGeorge. If you read my book review – https://beththanperfect.com/2018/09/02/book-review-guess-who/ you’ll know that I really enjoyed that book. This is the follow up book from the same author! I don’t actually have a picture of it as I’ve pre-ordered it and it should arrive the day before we actually go on holiday (I hope!!).

I will also be taking the essentials – wipes, tissues and chewing gums. Because you never know when you’ll need one of those three things! Ieuan and I also have last minute plans to grab some snacks for the journey up to the airport and some sweets for the plane.


I think I might also try and find a notebook and take that with a pen in my hand luggage so Ieuan and I can play those silly little doodle games on the plane or something like that. That’s if I can find one before we go!

That’s about all I will be taking in my hand luggage.

Beth x

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