Our Holibobs to Gran Canaria – pt1

As you’ll know if you have read my last few blog posts:-




then you will already know that I have been on my holidays recently. Ieuan and I went to Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria for a week between the 15th and 22nd June. We had the most wonderful time. If you’d like to know what we got up to then keep reading!

Day 1 – Travelling and our first evening.

We left Fishguard at around 8am to get to Cardiff airport. Our flight was at 13:45 so we made it in plenty of time. We had some lunch and a pint each while waiting. As you may know me actually feeling well and being able to eat before a journey was a big deal. I didn’t really feel anxious at all! I actually felt great! The flight was about 4 hours I think. It wasn’t the best of journeys there we had a few loud kids and a screaming baby. I was happy when the plane landed. Once we had received our luggage we made our way to our transfer bus. This took about an hour, I felt very unwell during but Ieuan enjoyed looking out the window. We pulled up to the hotel and it was right on the marina. The view was already stunning just looking from the bus. We stayed at Marina Suites and were warmly welcomed by nice staff on our arrival. We even had complimentary champagne!

We walked into our room and were totally taken aback. It was amazing! I wish I had taken pictures to be able to show you. It was so clean and nicely decorated not to mention it was massive! It’s the nicest apartment I think I have ever stayed in. We had a gorgeous view from the balcony of the marina (even though we were on the 1st floor). That’s the great thing about this hotel no matter what room you are in you get a marina view or a sea view. It was beautiful.

We had a small sit down and drink before deciding it was time to shower and go and explore. I didn’t make too much of an effort this time as it was already quite late by the time we arrived. When we were ready we went to find the pool first. Oh my gosh it was STUNNING. An infinity pool that looked right out into the sea! We then went for a little walk along the marina, that was about all we could manage as we were tired and hungry. There was a little restaurant right outside the hotel that we got a pizza from before heading off to bed ready for the next day.

Day 2 – finding our bearings.

Today we decided to walk some more and find a supermarket, as we were self-catering and needed water, food and snacks and we needed to find the restaurants and bars for our evening meals. We first had breakfast in the same little place as the night before and then we had our TUI introduction meeting with the rep. We booked some super exciting trips with her! After that we left the hotel and walked for quite a while. We found the beach, restaurants, bars, shops and we even found a long pathway along the sea. We decided to walk along that and see where it lead us. By long I mean looooooooooooooooong, we eventually came to another beach and possibly another little town. We turned back and made our way back to our little town. After a long walk it was only fair that we stopped for a pint.

After that we went and found a supermarket and got all of the essentials for our apartment, water and crisps being the most holiday essential things you can think of! By the time we were done with that most of the evening was gone so we made our way back to the room, put all of our food away, had a little bit of chill time and then got ready to go for our first ‘proper’ night out. This time I was making an effort so took a little longer than the night before to get ready. When I was we had a couple of pictures on the balcony and headed out.

We didn’t really know where we were going to go for food but we found that some places are extremely keen to get you to stop there. We decided on a lovely Italian. All the restaurants we came across were upstairs so again the views of the marina were lovely. I had Carbonara and Ieu had BBQ Pizza. It was amazing, we really enjoyed. After our meal we decided to wander into the Irish Bar that was a couple of doors down from the Italian as they were playing Soccer Aid and the golf so Ieuan was happy. We both ordered Gin and lemonade and boy did they give us gin! The pic below was before I had even put any lemonade in! That Irish bar was lovely. It took us quite a while to finish our bowls of gin , so we managed to watch some really good live music while we were there too but when had eventually finished our gins we decided to make our way back as we had an exciting day tomorrow!

Day 3 – Dolphin Trip!

We woke up super excited! It was the first day of our trips and it was the one we had wanted to go before even arriving on our holiday. A dolphin (and whale) boat trip! Ieuan made himself a bacon sandwich for breakfast while I snacked on some melon. I wasn’t too hungry this morning as I was a little anxious because my past experiences on boats haven’t been the best, but I was excited and trying not to let anxiety overwhelm my excitement. Our boat trip was booked for 13:30 we we didn’t have too early of a morning. The boats go from the marina that was just on our door step too so there was no journey to get there either. We had a chill morning.

We still had some time on our hands before the trip so decided to go for a little stroll down to the beach. By the time we got back to the marina the boat had arrived and a queue had already started. I felt a little more anxious as we stood in the queue but it was nothing I couldn’t handle. Ieuan and I found a good seat and got comfortable for our 3 hour trip ahead.

We sat on the boat for what felt like ages and saw nothing. Then we sat some more. We saw one little turtle floating along that boosted our excitement but as we got closer he ducked under the water and that’s the only glimpse we got. Silence… Next thing we hear a shout from the other side of the boat, we turn and see one small fin in the distance. The boat creeps closer, the one small fin gets closer, then becomes two fins, then three. We hear a shout from our side of the boat and turn and see 5 fins, then 2 more. It was amazing!

When we got closer the boats engine was turned off and the dolphins came so close. There were bottle nosed dolphins and also pilot whales, which we were told you are not very likely to see. The boat moved again and we came across more. Ieuan went down below the deck where the boat had a glass bottom and saw the dolphins swim past under the water. I was unable to go down as my sea legs aren’t the best and I felt quite sick. Watching them from the top was enough for me!

It was an incredible experience and it made it a little bit more special for me how much Ieuan loved it too! We were only allowed to say in one place with the dolphins for 20 minutes at a time as they are protected. After what was definitely the perfect amount of time (obviously I would have loved longer, but it didn’t feel too little) we started making our way back to the marina. Unfortunately, my sea sickness got the best of me and I had to make a dash to the toilet but I made it there in time and felt much better afterwards. The boat stopped for about 30 minutes giving us a chance to swim in the sea. Ieuan and I didn’t do this as Ieuan can’t swim and I was too scared of the fact that the only way in was to jump! So we just sat and chilled and enjoyed our surroundings.

We got back to the marina and were so happy that we saw the dolphins, we were on such a high! We went back to the hotel and had a little chill again before getting ready to go out again. We had bought some wine from the shop the other day so decided to have a glass of that together on the balcony first. When we were ready we made our way, again with no where really in mind first. We ended up being ‘dragged’ into a restaurant on the beach. We were glad we were though as we really enjoyed. I had scampi and chips and Ieu had chicken curry. After that we made our way back to the hotel and chilled.

Day 4 – Pool day.

Today we had absolutely no plans other than sunbathe by the pool and I was so bloody excited, especially after seeing what the pool was like on our first day! We took our towels down and got settled on some loungers. I had my book and Ieu just scrolled through his phone, it was lush.. Until Ieuan got bored. It hadn’t even been 3 hours! We waited until it was an appropriate time to eat lunch and went back to the room. Ieu made us cheese and ham toasties and I had some pom bears too. We sat out on the balcony and ate together.

After our food settled we went back to our places by the pool. I started to read my book again and Ieuan lay. Eventually, I couldn’t hold my temptation in any longer and I had to take a dip in the gorgeous pool! It was lush, cold when you got in but lovely when you were in. Ieuan then decided to join me (he walked). Once we had cooled down enough we went and sat down again. Some time passed.. and Ieuan got bored. That was the end of our pool day!

We went back to the room, changed and decided to go for a walk. We grabbed some ice cream and sat by the beach and then decided to go for a wander up a different way to where we had usually gone. We came across mini golf and obviously had to play! It was a really nice mini golf course too with an amazing fountain in the middle. I’m not the best at mini golf but I really enjoyed playing and actually thought I did well, if I do say so myself! I only lost by 3 points! As it was 18 holes it filled up quite a big chunk of our day and after we had finished we decided it was time to go back and get ready for our evening.

This time we knew exactly where we wanted to go. We had passed a Greek restaurant earlier in the week (it was actually next door to the Italian) and because we enjoyed the food so much when we travelled to Greece we wanted to try it out. So when we were ready we made our way there. We were not disappointed at all, the food was incredible and the staff were so friendly. I had chicken gyros with rice and Ieu had chicken souvlaki with chips. I think it was one of the best chicken meals that I have ever had! After our wonderful meal (and complimentary rum) we decided to go back to the Irish bar that we had been to before. This time we ordered cocktails! There was live music again (turns out they do it every night) so we stayed and listened to that for a while and then made our way back.

I’ll leave this blog there for now I think as I have written quite a lot already. If you’d like to see what else we got up to while in Gran Canaria then please read my next post!

Beth x


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