Our Holibobs to Gran Canaria – pt2

If you read my last blog post ( https://beththanperfect.com/2019/06/30/our-holibobs-to-gran-canaria-pt1/ ) then you’ll know I left our holiday story to Gran Canaria on Day 4 and we still have 3 more days left to talk about.

If you want to see how we spent the last days of our holiday then please keep reading!

Day 5

Today we had another trip booked, a boat/ferry to another little town called Morgan. As the ferry’s ran every half an hour we decided to take the 11:30 one so that we were there for lunch and a wander. The trip took about half an hour and it was a really nice journey. We arrived in Morgan and it was beautiful, little toy houses and flowers everywhere. I really liked it. We walked around and took some pictures and then walked and found the beach where there were a lot of little restaurants. We decided to stop at one of them for lunch. I had bacon and egg on toast and Ieuan had a chicken club sandwich. After that we walked around a little more, and looked through the cute little shops down every street. We then decided to stop and have a drink and wait for the next ferry. The next one was at about 3:15.

We got back to Puerto Rico at about 4 as on the way home the ferry stopped to feed these stunning blue fish that were in the water so the trip took a little longer. Ieuan and I um’d and ah’d about going somewhere for a drink but instead decided to go back to the hotel and start getting ready for the evening. We wanted to go out slightly earlier as we had a really early morning the next day. Once we were ready we had a glass of wine on the balcony and made our way out. This night we decided to give a grill place a go. I am glad we did, we shared a cheesy garlic bread for starter then Ieu had veal kebab and chips and I had grilled chicken and Canarian potatoes (potatoes boiled in salt with a chilli garlic sauce on top) and they were honestly some of the best potatoes I have ever tasted!! We decided although it was early to head back to the hotel. We stopped in the shop and grabbed some ice cream for our pudding and we ate that on the balcony with another glass of wine while watching the sun set behind the mountain and then went to bed ready for our early start tomorrow!

Day 6

Today we were up at 7am as we had to be out and waiting for our bus to Palmitos Park at 8:57! We got ready, Ieuan had some breakfast and then we went straight to wait for our bus. I was feeling a little anxious today,  I think it was probably the thought of a long bus journey. I was absolutely fine on the bus though and after what felt like yeeears and about a dozen pick ups we arrived at the zoo! The first thing we saw was my favourite animal – meerkats, so we started on a high! We saw quite a few wild birds, lizards, monkeys and even crocodiles. We were lucky enough to catch all of the shows that the zoo held during the day. My favourite being the birds of prey.

Although not massive the zoo was big and there were a lot of hills, so our legs definitely got a good work out! There isn’t really much more I can say about the zoo, it was just a lovely little day out. We spend the whole day there and we were not once just sitting around wondering what to do next. The bus picked us up at 4 and again it felt like forever and a dozen pick ups with Ieuan telling me every time we passed a ‘lush golf course’ but we eventually got home around 5:40 and I was exhausted. We had a little chill with a glass of water and a chocolate bar before getting ready to go out again that night.

Tonight we walked all the way to the end of the strip we had been going to and went to a cocktail and grill restaurant. We had our own starters this time,  I had garlic bread and Ieuan had Spanish sausage. I then had a chicken skewer and chips and Ieuan had ribs and chips. Again it was amazing! We had a cocktail each for ‘pudding’ and then made our way home.

Day 7

Our last full day 😦

Today we decided to have a beach day! We didn’t get up relatively early and went and had an amazing breakfast in the little restaurant outside the hotel. After we finished that we made our way to the beach. We found the perfect spot and made ourselves comfortable on the loungers, eventually the lounger man came around and we paid him for them. A few hours went by and I decided it was time to take a dip. It was quite cold so I struggled to want to get in because it was cold but when Ieuan came down and literally plonked himself in I felt like I had to! We had a little chill in the sea and then got out and sat back down to dry. Ieuan grabbed us a drink from the beach bar and we chilled some more. By about 4 we had both had enough of the beach and decided to make our way back. We grabbed an ice cream and walked back while enjoying those, I think it was caramel biscuit flavour, it was yummy!

We got back to the hotel and finished our ice cream on the balcony before getting ready for our last night out 😦 Ever since I can remember on my family holidays we would always choose our favourite restaurant and go back there for our last meal. Ieuan and I have started to do the same, we both chose the Greek restaurant. So we got ready and headed there. I was feeling a little sad that it was our last ever meal out but so grateful at how amazing the holiday had been. I was so appreciative of Ieuan. We decided as it was our last meal we would get a starter (I had fried cheese and Ieuan had some sort of meatballs) and a main (I had the same as last time and Ieuan had some sort of beef stew). We enjoyed our last meal with the wonderful view and then made our way home. After food we decided to check out the shops for gifts before heading home as we weren’t planning on coming through that way again. We picked up a few things and then headed back to the hotel.

We did some packing when we arrived back. We didn’t have to be out of the hotel until 12:30 tomorrow so it wasn’t as if we had an early start but we wanted to get most of it done so we didn’t have to stress in the morning.

Day 8 and home

We were being picked up for the airport at 4pm so still had almost a whole day in Puerto Rico before that. We packed up the rest of our stuff, said goodbye to our lush room and made our way down to reception where we were able to leave our suitcases after checking out.

We decided to use this day as a shopping day to buy presents for our families and friends. There was a big shopping centre about a 15 minute walk away that we were going to. First we had our last breakfast at the restaurant outside the hotel and then made our way.

We spent quite a while in the centre and managed to get everyone we wanted to a gift. We found the McDonalds and stopped for a drink although I wish we were hungry as the menu was so much better than the British one.

We were a bit unsure what to do after that, but on our way home we decided on one more game of mini golf. I played awfully this time and got frustrated but Ieuan enjoyed. After that we went back to the hotel and just sat in the waiting area for our bus. It seemed like ages but eventually it was time to say goodbye to Puerto Rico.

We had a nightmare check in at the airport but we EVENTUALLY got through, got some food and then got on the plane. Our journey home was quicker than the one there but I wasn’t feeling good on this journey at all. Eventually (again) we arrived back in Cardiff, to dry weather. We got back to the car and made our way to the Travel Lodge we were staying in as it was almost 12am. We showered and got into the bed, and it was like heaven! With late check out the next day we were able to just sleep and relax.

I really had the best holiday with my gorgeous boyfriend, I can’t wait for our next 🙂 x

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