Where have I been?

Welcome Back 🙂

As you’ll maybe have noticed I haven’t posted in a while (a long while). You’ll have noticed my Blog has had a little revamp, which is exciting. I hope to have a little more time to be able to focus on my Blog now. I have missed it. I feel like an explanation is needed, where have I been?

I have just been shit, plain and simple. I didn’t have anything planned or scheduled, I kind of lost my oomph. I didn’t have the want to write anything. I got back from my wonderful holiday and was thrown right back into work and I felt slightly overwhelmed and was coming home tired and I couldn’t be bothered to write about anything, I felt like I didn’t really care.

I really had just given up really and it’s ok to feel like that. But I thought I shouldn’t give up on something that I have been doing for so long just because I have slightly lost my oomph.

On top of all that, I lost my best friend, my gorgeous cat Beauty, late July and I think this just set me into a spiral of feeling like crap. She was at my side for 14 years so it was super tough losing her. From then I kind of lost any care for anything. It’s hard to believe the impact a pet can have on you and your life. She was there through a lot of my pains and worries, and was always there to cuddle when I cried and all of a sudden (it was very sudden) she was gone. Although I had my family and friends around me, this was a different kind of lonely.

But now, although the hurt is still there I am feeling a lot better in myself. I even got a tattoo to remember my Beauts.

Eventually, I got myself back and started enjoiyng life but I didn’t get my Blogging oomph back, my laptop broke and work and life took over so I lost my focus.

That is until now. So I started mind mapping blog post ideas and things I would enjoy writing about and I started planning upload days and I started getting excited again. I know you all know the reason I now have a little bit more time to put my focus here, but I promise it was coming anyway!

A few exciting things have happened since I Blogged last so I am going to start by going back and showing you what I’ve been up to the past almost a year!

 I am not going to put pressure on myself this time. I will try and upload once a week, and if not, I’ll upload when I can.

I hope you all enjoy and stay safe!

Beth x

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