Turning 23

So in September 2019, I turned 23. This is how I celebrated:

If you read my last post you’ll know that I went to Sheffield with Ieuan to watch Ariana but I also celebrated with my friends and with my family.

Firstly, I celebrated with my friends. The original plan was to go to a ‘Flamingo Bingo’ event but that was cancelled. I still wanted to do something with the girls but it’s slightly limited in Pembrokeshire. I decided on a animal theme (this would have been the bingo theme and everyone had already got their outfits) gathering at my house, with drinking games and then go out in Fishguard. Mum, dad and Gwen were on holiday so having 10 girls over for drinks was not a problem, for once.

I spent weeks planning, getting decorations and creating drinking games for us all. The night before my bestie Clarissa and I made jelly shots, decorated our dining room and set up ‘Drunk Jenga’.

It was finally the night of, I wore a Boohoo tiger print dress and belt and was ready to party. There was me, my friends Clarissa, Sophie, Amelia and Carys, my fave work friends Sophie and Sarah, Ieuan’s sister Catrin and my sister Ruth and her friend Becca. We played Drunk Jenga for hours and had far too many vodka jelly shots. I had made the drunk jenga specifically for who was attending the party so it was so funny! I think the part at home was my favourite part of the night!

By about 10 we thought it was probably best to go out.. so we all made our way to the pub. It was really busy and we met up with a few of our other friends. Ieuan was out with his friends too so it was great that I got to see him as well.

As the night went on our friends slowly got less and less until there was only a few of us left. The night went rapidly downhill from here.. As we were moving from one pub to another, Ieuan was randomly started on by a drunk man in the street. Ruth and I tried to break it up when we were randomly assulted by this man’s sister.. Long story short, police were called, I had a panic attack and cried a lot.. It’s all sorted now.. I had a lovely black eye to cover for a week or two after (I think I did that pretty well).

Apart from that I had one of the best nights I’ve ever had with some of my favourite people so it’s a shame it happened. But going forward I will remember the good parts of the night and try and forget the terrible.

Then we had the Sheffield Trip. See my other blog post for what we did then!

We got back from Sheffeild the day before my birthday. Mum, dad and Gwen got back from their holiday on the same day.

On my birthday we didn’t do much in the day, we just chilled. In the evening we went ourt for a meal in Fishguard.. After the last time I was out in Fishguard I felt extremely anxious but by the time I was out and I was safe with my family I was ok.

Oh and Ieuan booked to take me to PARIS in February as a birthay gift, I’ve obviously already been so stay tuned for that!

Beth x

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