Little Sisters 21st – December 2020

When I was sitting here mind mapping ideas for blog posts and remembering things I really wanted to show people, I knew I needed to show people my sisters 21st! It’s all she could talk about since I had my 21st. She knew she was going to have a big party, the venue had been booked for months. She wanted it to be fancy dress but special, so we decided on the theme ‘Things Gwen loves’ and gave party guests a few options:-

The Hobbit, Mamma Mia, Welsh Rugby players, Mermaids and bacon.

We thought that was enough choice for those going. We also gave people an option to not dress up, mostly because my aunt would have refused to come if she had to dress up.

Gwen, Ruth and I decided to be Donna and the Dynamos, Gwen obviously being Donna and I don’t think any costume anyone ever wears again will come close to how amazing we looked together. Mum went for the ABBA look, dad went as Gandalf the Grey, Ieuan went as a Welsh Rugby player and Lloyd as a rasher of bacon.

Gwen wanted it to exactly like mine, so first, she wanted pre drinks. So of course being the amazing sister I am, I made my own spin of Drunk Jenga – DRUNK GWENGA, with all blocks themed around Gwen. Although 21 Gwen doesn’t drink much, but she does love a ‘Sec on the Beach’ cocktail so of course I made jugs of that for our guests. It was our family of 5 plus Ieuan and Lloyd, my (and Gwen’s) best friend Clarissa and our uncle Paul, auntie Karen and their daughter, our cousin Ellie. We enjoyed Drunk Gwenga and beer pong until it was time to venture up to the party venue, which was just up the road from our house.

Our mum and dad’s friends run the pub so their function room was decorated amazingly and they had sorted out the DJ – side note, she was absolutely AMAZING. She took everyone’s requests and they would be guaranteed to be played throughout the night but not only that she would constantly play a song she knew Gwen loved to keep her on the dance floor.

It was genuinely the best party I’d been to, everyone who attended said the same. We danced and sang the night away. It will be a night Gwen will always remember, and so will we.

The party was actually on the night before Gwen’s birthday so at 12am, it was officially her birthday! I went to the kitchen and got her the cake I had made for her and the whole room sang Happy Birthday to her. We then kept dancing until we couldn’t dance any more and went home with big smiles on our faces.

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