Cranjis McBasketball tour – 13th October 2019

In October of last year Ruth and I had tickets to go and see The Impractical Jokers live tour in the Motorpoint arena in Cardiff.

I genuinely LOVE the Impractical Jokers, I’ve watched them since their first season and they’re just so funny and always cheer me up and laughing at them has really made me feel better during some down times. So being able to go and see them live and in person was amazing for me.

Ruth and I set off for Cardiff – Ruth driving. As we walked from the car into town you’ll never guess who Ruth spotted walking towards us.. Murr! From the Impractical Jokers! I couldn’t believe it. I’m so glad Ruth was there because she had the confidence to ask him for a picture, we got one, yay! I told him how much I loved them and that we were going to the show later. Next thing, he was gone.

We had a table booked in the Cosy Club for before the event. We chose there because they offer a wide range of Gluten Free food and Ruth is a coeliac. We had a lovely meal there and then it was time to go see the Jokers!

We had good seats and found them pretty easy. Felt like a while waiting but we did get there relatively early. Steve Byrne was the support act. He was so funny, he got members of the audience involved and made them dance. It was brilliant.

But obviously the main event was absolutely amazing. Ruth and I were actually crying laughing by the end of the night. It was so different to the show as of course it was stand up comedy, but they proved that they aren’t only funny when it’s scripted. The whole show was just one bit laugh after another. Sal was my absolute favourite of the night but he’s my favourite of all time anyway! It was such a good night and I would definitely go and see them again! They have a new season of the show and watching that is even better knowing I’ve seen them and even met Murr in person!!

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