Buying Instagram ADs

I bought the first 4 products on sponsored posts on Instagram! I’ve seen Sophie Louise do this on her YouTube channel and I really enjoy watching them so I thought I’d give it a go. I only bought 4 because I really can’t afford to buy more all at once but I still wanted to do this post!

I found he adds and made the orders on the 4th April.


This was the first add that I saw. I love a good cup of tea.. especially since being in isolation, my tea consumption has increased greatly. I usually just use the breakfast tea that is in the house or I like Twining’s fruit tea, but I am always eager to try more.


I decided to go for individual tea bags, they offered loose tea leaves, coffee and packs of tea on the website, but I thought as I was only trying I’d go for an individual tea bag of the ones I wanted. There were quite a few out of stock, I managed to get 3 of the ones that I wanted to give a go. I ordered Triple B; ‘Full bodied ‘builders’ tea, perfect with your fry up!’ – so I was obviously going to have to try their version of an English Breakfast classic tea. Dozy girl; ‘A soothing, sleepy time tea blend of chamomile, lavender + rose’ – I wanted to give this a go, because I like a tea before bed, decaf of course, and I thought this might be a nice change. I sometimes, especially at the moment, struggle to sleep so I think I’ll give this a go and see if it helps me settle. Gingerbread Chai; ‘Award-winning, spiced gingerbread chai tea’ – I absolutely love gingerbread flavour so I wanted to give this a try. There were a couple on there that I would have loved to try but were out of stock, but I am happy with what I ordered. Each individual tea bag was 75p each.

insta 4

The tea arrived on the 7th April, so 3 days after I ordered it which was amazing really. It came with Royal Mail and because I had only ordered single tea bags it was small enough to be popped through the letterbox. It had a lovely little note in it from one of the employees AND two free tea bags! I got Earl Grey Crème; ‘Award-winning, fresh + fragrant vanilla Earl Grey tea’ and The Digester; ‘Let’s get ready to rumble – digestion calming, oolong + pu’erh blend’.

The packaging is simple but SO cute. It also says that the tea bags are 100% plastic free and biodegradable which I think it so good. The teabags are pyramid shape and quite thick. It tells you how long to brew the tea for on each teabag wrapper.

Triple B – I really enjoyed this. I mean if you love a Breakfast tea, you can’t really go wrong with this one. I don’t really know if it was any more special than any other breakfast tea I’ve had but, I have no complaints.

Dozy Girl – First thing about this tea bag is that it was beautiful. It had petals or something in it and bits of purple. It tasted lovely BUT considering it’s supposed to make you ‘dozy’ I was more awake than I usually am after drinking it. I think I was up until about 3am. So although a tasty cup of tea.. not one I’d say helped me sleep.

Gingerbread Chai – Honestly, when I made this I thought it smelled like some weird type of sun cream so I was a bit scared to try it. I’m not sure if this tea is meant to be drank as just tea because the pack says they use it in their Chai Tea Latte? But I drank it as black tea anyway. It did not disappoint, it was super yummy! I’m not sure how gingerbready it was really but it was tasty.

Earl Grey Crème – I like Earl Grey, so I liked this. I couldn’t really taste much vanilla if I am honest but I’m not complaining because I finished the cup!

The Digester – I don’t like the idea of tea that helps you digest.. Is is like all those fad ‘skinny tea’s etc? I honestly haven’t tried this one and I don’t think I will be. While I really appreciate the kind gesture of free teas, this is unfortunately one I just wont drink.


The second AD I saw was for Zaful. As you can see the ad was for the Dragon hot sale, but when I went on the website and looked at these and they were all out of stock in my size so I just decided to browse the website instead. On first impression I found it very similar to where I have ordered from a few times before, the pictures and items were really similar. I found quite a few things I really liked but most things were sold out in my size (UK 8) so that was a little disappointing. I got it down to 3 items.

insta 2

A Faux fur teddy jumper with little space details for £9.03 on sale. A sparkly velvet green dress with organza sleeves (I was thinking about a Christmas party when buying this) for £16.92 on sale and a little black crop top with some kind of star print for £8.76.


I again ordered these on the 4th April but these arrived on the 16th. Well I say arrived but only two of the things I ordered arrived. The dress and the jumper, the top, the thing I was probably most looking forward to never arrived 😦 Honestly, the quality of the two things that did come were not the best. You could it wasn’t expensive, but then again they weren’t I suppose! The jumper is quite short, I’d spent a while on the website looking for one that wasn’t cropped so for this to come back cropped was a bit of a shame. It is really soft on the outside but a little bit scratchy on the inside. I will wear it because it is cute and kind of snuggly. The dress is really cute, I’m not sure about the arms of it. But it is way too big in places, like around my waist, it does not pull me in at all. If I was ever going to wear this I would need to add my own belt. The top around the neck is also quite loose and has a lot of excess material. I don’t know if it would be my first choice of a Christmas party dress but I would have to try make it work before I gave it a solid no.


This is an ad that I’ve seen quite a few times scrolling through Instagram, and it just so happened to come up this time. Now, I’m not a ring girl, I love rings but HATE my hands as I have fat and stumpy fingers. But I really did fall for the ring in this ad so I thought why not and I ordered it. The website offer a range of jewellery but I went for the exact ring from the ad. The website says; ‘We make ocean-inspired, sterling silver jewellery here in the UK that helps to save sea turtles via our partnership with Sea Turtle Conservancy. Come aboard and join the #honucrew!’. Knowing my purchase was helping cute little sea turtles made it even better. So I got the ‘Dreamer Blue Opal Sea Turtle Ring’ in a size M, hoping this was going to fit! The ring cost £20.99, which I thought was ok, maybe a little steep for a ring but for the cause who can complain. After I placed the order I got a really nice email from the team at honu to say thank you, which I thought was just so nice. It also gives more information about what they are trying to do.

This arrived on the 11th April so delivery was good on this! This package was again small enough to just be posted through the letterbox. I really like this ring, it’s super cute and good quality. I don’t think I’ll wear it everyday but I will definitely add it to my jewellery collection, I might even purchase some more from them. The medium fits my middle finger tightly, but is good on my ring finger! It’s such a pretty stone. I am so happy with this.


Function of Beauty

This was an ad I was extremely happy to see come up on my Instagram because that meant I didn’t have to spend any more money, because I already have this!! I have been using Function of Beauty shampoo since August 2019 and I LOVE it. I have used 3 bottles of them. Function of Beauty offer a subscription service, I haven’t signed up to this yet because I went to try out all of the scents first! So far I have tried Apple, Milkshake (which was limited addition) and I am currently using the peach scent. Function of Beauty provide hair products designed specifically for your hair. You can fill out a quiz for your type of hair and the results you want the products to give you.

I honestly have nothing but raving reviews for this product. My hair has been in noticeably better condition and grown so much since I’ve used this. For reference this is my hair at the beginning of 2019.


And here is my hair from starting to use my Function of Beauty Shampoo all the way though to now..

I’ve had 1 small trim since the first picture and my hair is in such good condition and has grown so much. I also find that I don’t have to wash it as often since using this shampoo. I have died and bleach treated my hair a lot and used to have extremely frizzy, dry and hair full of split ends but since using Function of Beauty I have none of those issues anymore. I just LOVE my hair again and I know its thanks to this product. I get so many compliments on my hair and everyone I know is so surprised at how long it has got!

There we have the outcome of ordering the first 4 ads I saw when scrolling through Instagram. I really enjoyed writing this and trying out all the products. Sorry for quite a long post but I hope you enjoyed too! Over all I was impressed with shophonu, Function of Beauty and birdandblendteaco. Zaful really let me down and I definitely will not be buying again. I’ll obviously repurchase Function of Beauty. I don’t know if I’ repurchase shophonu and birdandblendteaco again for myself BUT I do know that they will be really good places to get gifts from in the future! 3/4 successes isn’t bad!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these or want to now after seeing me buy them!

Thanks for reading! Beth x


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