Paris – Feb 2020 – part 1

In February of this year, Ieu and I were very lucky to have been able to make it to Paris for our 4 year anniversary, Ieuan booked this trip as a surprise for my birthday. I’ve always wanted to go so it was a dream come true that we were going. In hindsight, we were extremely lucky to have it booked when we did, with all that’s going on currently, we could have lost out completely. This is going to be a short and sweet summary of what we did during our time in Paris.

Day 1

We arrived in Paris about 1pm on the 6th February. We had a taxi from the airport. Ieuan had said we were in a hotel close to the Eiffel Tower but as I sat in the taxi and we drove as close to it as we did and then turned 5 minutes down the road and arrived at our hotel I was in awe. We couldn’t check into the hotel until after 2pm so we had some time, we left our suitcases and went for a wander. About 8 minutes later the Eiffel Tower was right there, and it was beautiful! When it was eventually after 2pm we checked into the hotel and had showers and freshened up. We hadn’t eaten all day so we decided to get ready and grab an early dinner. We found a nice little bistro down the road and had some food. After food we took another walk in the dark to the lit up Eiffel Tower and it was so pretty. We had been travelling from 6am so we decided that we would have an early night ready for the next full day in Paris.

Day 2

I woke up feeling very surreal that I was actually in PARIS with this amazing boy. We had nothing set planned today so after getting ready we decided to find somewhere to have some breakfast/lunch and then decide. We walked up to the Eiffel Tower and around and then we decided to visit the Arc De Triumph today, it was about an hour walk from our hotel area to the Arc but we wanted to wander. It didn’t feel like we even walked that long to get there, eventually we made it. It was such a cool piece of architecture. We decided to buy tickets and climb the Arc, I’m not such I would have chosen this if I’d have known how many spiral steps there were to the top. Although, it was definitely worth it when we got to the top! The view was amazing. We spent some time up there just looking and then some time inside looking at the memorabilia and information. After this we looked at it from underneath and this was also amazing.

We walked a bit more and found SHOPS! As you can probably guess this thrilled me, Ieuan not so much. We walked through shops and passed ones we’d never seen in person before. We then passed a Sephora, and I was shook, of course we HAD to go in. It was overwhelming to say the least, I bought some Huda Beauty products and some Laura Mercier setting powder. We also saw the biggest Adidas shop we’ve ever seen in our lives. It was about 5pm by the time we got back to the hotel, on our trek back we found a 5 guys and got some drinks. We got ready and made our way out for dinner. We walked a different way this time and managed to find the nice restaurants and bars which was good, we’d know to go there again.

Day 3

Our 4 year anniversary ❤

We had the Eiffel Tower booked as soon as I knew we were going to Paris, what better way to spend our anniversary? (And no I wasn’t expecting anything shiny, everyone we knew was expecting it. But we have priorities and it’s a house before anything like that happens!). Unfortunately, I felt a bit poorly today with a sore throat and a bit of a sniffle. I had some tablets and strepsils to get me through it. We had a tour booked with ‘History Group’. It was beautiful up the Eiffel Tower, we only went up to the 2nd level because Ieuan had said he was too scared to go to the summit when we booked. I think 2nd level was fine! Our tour lasted about an hour and a half, our tour guide took us to each ‘face’ of the tower and pointed out the historic and well known buildings, giving us some back story about each. It was really interesting. It was quite a windy, cold day so I’m glad I had my big jumper dress, coat and hat on for sure! After our tour was done we were free to spend however long we wanted up the tour on our own time. So Ieu and I took in the views and took some pictures and then grabbed some food from the cafe there. Hot dogs and fries with a view!

We then went and had a wander on the 1st level, this had a glass floor, that Ieuan would not for the life of him stand on, I did. After we’d done all we could do on the tower we (stupidly) decided to take the stairs down. I enjoyed it, but as you can imagine there was a lot of them, made worse when the lift flies past you!

Wales were playing Ireland in the rugby today so we (mostly Ieuan) wanted to find a bar to watch this in. We found an Irish bar that was so cosy and watched the match, unfortunately Wales lost. When it was time to leave the bar, the heavens had opened and it was pouring down, good job we had hoods! Just as we got back to the hotel the sun popped out and we saw a rainbow.

I was feeling rough by now, I had a blocked nose, sore throat, cough and my eyes were sore! Never the less, it was our anniversary and we were going out for a meal. We had a lovely dinner and some cocktails. We had planned to go and watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle tonight but Ieuan was too tired so after our meal we made our way back to the hotel.

Day 4

We had plans to ride the metro today. We grabbed a Subway and made our way to the Metro Station. Unfortunately, I was extremely poorly today, my eyes were streaming and sore, my nose was blocked, my chest hurt from coughing. I tried my best to push through how I was feeling so that Ieuan could enjoy the metro as this was something he really wanted to do. But as I was feeling so rough my anxiety was heightened times 100.. Ieuan ended up having to put his foot down and took me back to the hotel, where we spent the day in bed with fluids and tablets 😦 I felt so guilty for ruining the day but Ieuan was right, I physically could not push myself to do it that day. I’m grateful he’s there to look after me. We grabbed a quick McDonalds for dinner, had a hot shower and then went to sleep, praying I felt better for Disneyland tomorrow!


That’s it for part one of our Paris trip.. Stay tuned for next week’s part 2 🙂

Beth x

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