Paris – Feb 2020 – part 2

As you’ll know if you read my last blog post Ieuan and I were lucky enough to be able to visit Paris this year, before everything went down hill. This is a continuation of our time in Paris so if you want to know about the first part of our holiday read my last post.

Day 5

DISNEYLAND! Today we had Disneyland booked, in all honesty the most anticipated part of Paris for me. Disneyland was my bucket list place I’ve always wanted to visit so as soon as I knew Ieuan had booked Paris, I booked Disneyland. We booked the option of getting a shuttlebus from by the Eiffel Tower. It was the cheaper option as well as being extremely convenient for us where we were.

So the bus picked us up at 8. I was the most anxious I’d been all week. Me an buses just do not get on, ever since I was small. Usually, I go prepared and take a bag ‘just in case’ I feel sick, and I have it there with me as a safety blanket sort of thing. Today, I hadn’t thought ahead, I spent most of the journey suppressing the feeling of needing to be sick with Ieuan next to me telling me it was going to be ok. About an hour later we arrived. It was magical.

We decided to go to Walt Disney studios first. We made our way through the entrance, the first thing I wanted was to buy some ears, I could not be at Disneyland for my first time ever without Minnie Mouse ears. Once I found the right pair I bought them and we found somewhere where Ieuan grabbed some breakfast. I was still feeling a little too sick to eat. We then entered the first park, it was amazing. I loved the Sorcerer Mikey house with Peter Pan & co flying around it. We first walked toward the Tower of Terror, we did not go on that because I was feeling a little anxious and sick so I thought it wasn’t the best idea and Ieuan didn’t mind missing out. We then found the Toy Story area, again we went on no rides here. Ratatouille’s town was next, here’s where our ride adventure started. Our first ride was the Ratatouille virtual reality ride, it didn’t feel like we were waiting too long, I still felt so anxious the whole time though. After the ride, Ieuan was thrilled he thought it was great, I on the other hand had to run to the toilet to be sick. I don’t think it was the ride, more the anxiousness! In honestly, this was a blessing in disguise, I felt so much better after this!

After this we made our way and had a look around Finding Nemo and Aladdin’s worlds. We didn’t go on any of these rides but enjoyed looking around. Mr and Mrs Incredible walked passed us which was pretty cool! I ‘met’ Mike Wasowski, who I looooove. We had noticed that there was a stunt show on and that is right up Ieuan’s street so we made our way to watch that. It was quite cool to see how things like explosions and car chases are made in movies.

After this it was time to head to Disneyland Paris, the castle was something I think anyone is in anticipation for, I sure was. It was beautiful, the main street leading up to it, the whole castle, it all! I (of course) had a little photoshoot by the castle. I had read about Maleficent’s dragon being underneath it but by the looks of it it was blocked off, so I didn’t get a chance to see her. We decided to go to to Frontierland first, this was things like Cowboys and Indians and old timey things. The first thing we did here was go to Phantom Manor, we love ghost stories and things. We didn’t know what to expect but it was so good. Next was Thunder Mountain, baring in mind Ieu and I both went to Disneyland as people who hated rides, we felt like we needed to go on some. I am so glad we did because this ended up being my favourite ride we went on! Although, we queued for what seemed like hours, it was totally worth it!

After this, we wandered to Adventureland, this is where you’ll find Skull Island. We had some fun walking around the caves and the climbs etc. This is about when it unfortunately, started to rain! We found ourselves at Indiana Jones’ ride, we umm’d and aah’d about going on this but we decided to give it a miss as it was extremely windy. From here we found the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, this was a great ride! I really enjoyed that! When we got outside it continued to rain, heavier and heavier, we decided it was lunch time – I mean it was 3pm! We decided on the Hakkuna Mutata restaurant (I’d seen this online and wanted to have lunch here so I was very happy). Ieuan ordered and I found a seat, I had chicken and chips and Ieuan had a Burrito, we both really enjoyed. It was good food! Recharged and full we were ready for the rest of the park!

Fantisyland was next. I had really been looking forward to Alice’s Curious Labyrinth but unfortunately because of the weather it was closed, it was a shame but hopefully there will be a next time I can go! We had a look who was at the Princess Pavilion because if it was Belle, Cinderella or Aurora/Rapunzel, we were queuing, to Ieuan’s relief it was none of those so we didn’t join the 90 minute wait queue! We instead joined the queue for It’s a Small World, a classic that we just HAD to go on, just to say we’d done it! By this point it was absolutely pouring down and I’d realised my trainers had holes in the soles so I had soaking wet feet. We then went on one of my favourite rides of the park – Peter Pan’s Flight, it was so magical.

By now it was getting dark and the rain was still pelting it down. The weather was so bad that the parade didn’t happen, which was such a shame! We then stumbled upon Discoveryland but through all the rain we didn’t know where was where. Another ride I was excited about Buzz Lightyears one was closed for renovations, so that was a little sad! We went into a shop, mostly to shelter from the rain and bought some souvenirs for our friends and family. From here we made our way back to Main Street to trapes the she shops and buy gifts. We still had some time so stopped for a cup of tea at a café. Our bus was picking us up around 7:45 and we wanted to make sure we got there in enough time so started to slowly make our way towards the car park. We noticed that there were people gathering on main street, as Disney newbies we had no idea why but decided to stop and wait. We are so glad we did because it was the light show on the castle. It was magnificent! Something incredible I’m so glad we witnessed. We watched for about 15-20 minutes and then tore ourselves away, popped to the toilet and then waited for our bus.

We were dropped off, tired and damp where we were picked up and made our way back to the hotel. We stopped in a shop, bought some snacks and drinks and headed to bed after the most amazing day.

Day 6

We had a lie in after our eventful day the day before. Today we had no set plans but we knew we wanted to explore more of Paris. It was a bright blue sky day so I pulled my finally dry trainers off the radiator and we made our way. We walked past the Eiffel Tower, next to the River Seine. We walked to the bridge with the golden figures – I think it’s called the Alexander III Bridge, the figures on this were so pretty! We walked to the pointy pencil thing with the ACTUAL gold on top – I can’t remember the name of this. We stopped for Pizza and then walked through Tuileries Garden, unfortunately, the sky turned grey and it started to rain! A bit more walking we found the Louvre Museum, we had a wander around this from the outside. We then decided to walk to the Notre Dame as it was about 30 mins away. My feet were a bit soggy by now. Seeing the Notre Dame as it was now was really sad, it’s such a shame what happened there!

Our walk home was not as pleasant as our walk there. It poured down, my feet were soaked through and my back hurt from all the walking! By the end of it Ieuan and I were grumpy and extremely relieved to see our hotel. We freshened up and made our way out to dinner, we had lush burgers. We then went somewhere else for cocktails and waited there until it was time for the Eiffel Tower to sparkle, I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite as beautiful before. Even got to show it to Gwen as she video called me at the perfect moment 🙂

Day 7

Our last day in Paris. We had tickets for a Seine River cruise and made our way to go on this. We found where the boat went from but it wasn’t ready yet so we grabbed some lunch from a street food vendor – nuggets and chips, they were so good! The river cruise was lovely, we saw some of the same sights as we had seen the day before but from  different perspective. We also went the complete opposite direction and saw the Paris version of the Statue of Liberty and some other things. After the cruise we did some souvenir shopping for our families. After this we did the most yummy (in my opinion) thing to do on Paris’ streets, bought some crepes. I had nutella and Ieuan had nutella and banana, they were amazing! We sat on a bench and watched the world go by while munching on our crepes.

We made our way back to the hotel and started some packing and then got ready for our last meal in Paris. After an amazing last dinner we had one more walk past the sparkling Eiffel Tower, the perfect end to our time in Paris!

We had a lovely welcome home the next day too ❤


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