How I’ve been keeping busy during Lockdown – part 2

This is a follow up from my last post. Like I said in the beginning of the last post, I’ve not been pushing myself to ‘do better’ during lockdown, I’m taking the time to just stop. This is some more I’ve been doing during lockdown while being furloughed:-


I am so lucky to live where I do. We have gorgeous beaches and pretty coastal paths right on our doorstep. I’ve been able to go for walks with my parents, sisters or even Ieu.


I’ve decided to use lockdown to pick books back up. I really should not have used a global pandemic to do this. In all honesty it wasn’t a plan. At the beginning of lockdown Sky had a Harry Potter channel. I religiously watched this from the moment I got up to the evenings. One day I woke up and the channel was gone, very traumatic. After this I thought you know what, I’ll find my books and re-read these. I’m currently on The Goblet of Fire and enjoying them so much. I’ve taken this re-reading opportunity to google other facts that I’d like to know about things. After re-reading I’d like to listen to the audiobooks and maybe even re-read them all again.

I know it’s going to sound ridiculous but I find the magical world of Harry Potter an escapism.


My dad is the cook of the house. (Sorry mum, even though you make a mean lasagne, you know it’s true). While dad and I have been furloughed we’ve taken up cooking together. I’ve been his kitchen assistant and I’ve really enjoyed it, we’ve tried out new things and experimented with some gluten free batter mixes. It’s actually so tiring being in the kitchen though so I do like not doing it sometimes. Ieu and I take one day a week to cook for the family together, to give dad a break.

Spending time in the garden

We have been exceptionally lucky to have had the most wonderful weather during lockdown. I’ve spent A LOT of my time in the garden, sunbathing or just sitting reading. In the evening we have eaten outside most nights as it’s been warm enough to do so. When it gets cold we light the fire outside and all sit round it with either a cup of tea or glass of something, depending on the day!

Practicing makeup

Another thing I’ve really been enjoying is putting on makeup. My family have been doing theme Saturdays – check out my next post for what we’ve done for this. This means making an effort and for me this means putting on makeup. This is something I’m slightly obsessed with and I just love doing it. Having a whole day with nothing else to do lets me have plenty of time to try new things and take my time. This also means I’m buying new makeup quite a lot – oops.

Dying my hair

Following up from makeup, I dyed my hair. I used Shrine Drop It, semi-permanent hair dye in purple. This was amazing, I think it’s the best semi-permanent colour I’ve used. You add this to any conditioner and it works. This washed out completely with about 3 washes so I was so happy with that. It even washed out and ended up toning my hair which was even better!

 Tik Tok

I’ll admit it I’ve become Tik Tok obsessed. I can find myself watching the videos on there for hours! I’ve even started making my own – eek, I never thought I’d be doing that. If you love Tik Tok too follow me – bethymevs_ . I’m a very amateur Tik Toker, I’m currently posting kittens, baking and random makeup bits!


Another thing I’m ashamed I only started because of lockdown. Ieuan has been loving golf and I went with him and just walked around. While walking around with him I remembered how much I loved playing golf – 10 years ago. I decided to want to do it again! So I ordered myself some clubs, not too many, only half a set to get me going again. As soon as they arrived Ieuan and I went to play, I admit I had some good shots but most were crap. I really need some more practice. I LOVED being out there again. Although, I got blisters so I’ve had to order a glove, I’m excited to get back out there when my glove arrives.


Lastly, of course the last thing I have been doing to keep busy during lockdown is blogging. I am enjoying it a lot. I hope you are enjoying what I’ve been writing. I’m really not putting to much pressure on myself to post too much, I am just posting what I enjoy!

Beth x

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