Family Lockdown Saturdays – pt 1

As I mentioned in my last blog post my family have been doing themed Saturdays during lockdown. It’s been something we’ve all really enjoyed doing and I wanted to show you what we did and how we looked. Having theme Saturdays have given us something to look forward during this weird and uncertain time. Every day can all seem to blend into one during this lockdown period especially for those furloughed so we decided to start theme Saturdays to give us a ‘weekend’ to still look forward to during a time where finding things to look forward to could prove difficult.

11th April – Dress up, BBQ & Quiz by the fire

This was our first night. As you can see it wasn’t exactly a theme. We all decided to dress up as if we were going ‘out’ for a meal. We were lucky to have a lush day too so we could all eat outside in the warm. Dad and mum did a BBQ and we had some drinks. I had written my own quiz so I was quizmaster. We did the quiz next to the outside fire and had drinks and enjoyed. I had made a gluten free red velvet and cream cheese cake so that was pudding for this night too!

18th April – Dress as a movie character

I think this is where the ‘funny’ themes started. It was my turn to decide on the theme and I picked this one, mostly because I had in my mind what I would go as if we did this theme. So I decided on dress as a movie character. We didn’t tell each other who we were going as, letting everyone decide as we saw each other in ‘costume’. Before you read on can you guess who everyone was?:-


Ieuan and I cooked for everyone and we had even made gluten free doughnuts for pudding (they were amazing)! This theme was so fun to do and the start of some funny Saturdays I think! We sat inside this evening as it wasn’t as warm as the week before. I’d love to know who you think looked the best!

25th April – Pyjama Party

After last weeks crazy theme my dad wanted us to chill this week! So we opted for a pj party. Dad, Ieuan and I made a homemade Chinese takeaway, even had gluten free chicken balls – something Ruth’s really missed since being diagnosed as a coeliac! We again spent the evening inside as it wasn’t warm again. It was all good as we were already ready for bed! I must admit this evening it was quite nice to not have to make too much of an effort getting ready, especially when I was helping to cook!

2nd May – Wear Red

It was Ieuan’s choice this week! He chose wear red, another low-effort theme, must be something to do with men! So we all put on our red tops and had another evening inside as it was still a bit too cold to eat out. We decided to have a few rounds of ‘Head’s up’ which was super fun.

9th May – Posh Pizza Night

This was mums choice of theme, I really enjoyed this one. We had decided on a make your own pizza night and mum had decided she wanted her theme to be dressing posh. So we ladies grabbed our nice dresses and the boys put on nice shirts. It was a really lovely evening so we were able to have our pizzas outside. This evening then got messy! Ruth went up to do a quiz with her friends, the rest of us sat outside by the fire with some drinks and played ‘Heads up’. We then all had more drinks, and more drinks, and more drinks.. We played music and danced. Ruth then re-joined us after her quiz and there as more drinks and more dancing. We danced and sang in the garden until about 12:30. It was honestly such a fun night, the fuzzy heads the next morning were worth it!

16th May – Casual, Cocktails and Quiz

Gwen’s evening choice today. She decided on casual clothes (much to the boy’s enjoyment!) and she wanted cocktails to accompany her own written quiz. Dinner was an Indian takeaway inside and then we moved out by the fire for our quiz. Gwen and I made everyone her absolute favourite cocktail – Sex on the Beach for everyone. Gwen’s quiz was fantastic – Ruth and I drew winning, which made the quiz even better!

23 May – ‘Sh!t’ shirts

This was dad’s choice as he was adamant he hadn’t had a go yet but he had – we’d all forgotten that though and he got this choice too. We had another make your own pizza night for dinner as we all really enjoy that. I didn’t get any pictures of us all together for this night which is a shame! We then had an evening playing on Wii Sports Resort together and that’s no funny because mum and dad aren’t the best on the Wii!

30th May – Animals

Ruth finally got to decide a theme! And she choose a gooooood one! The weather was nice again for this so we could have our Indian takeaway outside. I think our neighbours enjoyed seeing us do this one! I really enjoyed it, I did my own, Ruths, Gwens and mums makeup for this night. Mine admittedly took the longest, and you can see why! Mum and dad then wanted to watch a band they enjoyed as a concert outside so we sat for a while with them and watched that outside.

6th June – Flower power

This week was mums choice. I was really looking forward to this theme all week, I was planning on going wild with flower makeup but it got to Saturday and mine along with everyone else’s motivation was at a low. This was the first time this had happened on a theme night, I think it was because it was miserable and raining. Regardless, we all got ready and flowered up. Dad made his home-made curry and we then had some drinks as we played charades and that was so fun. Gluten free chocolate and peanut butter cake for pudding too!

13th June – Rockburn Riot

This weeks theme was my idea! I spent all week planning and making posters, wristbands and decorations! I let everyone attending choose two acts. Lloyd was supposed to come but has it had to be an inside festival and not outside because of the rain he couldn’t come due to government guidelines 😦 We spent the night listening to the ‘acts’, we had festival food and a few drinks. I went all out with my festival makeup and hair and helped Ruth & mum with their makeup too.

Can anyone guess who’s acts were who’s?

20th June – Football/sports

Dad’s theme choice. He wanted this choice to ‘celebrate’ the football being back on the telly *eye roll*. So we all wore football or sports teams tops or colours. This night took a turn after dinner when we all drank a loooooot of wine. We played heads up and went to bed rather starry eyed.


June 27th – Do it yourself Little Mix concert

So in an ideal world this wouldn’t have been a lockdown theme, we had tickets to Little Mix’s concert in Cardiff City Stadium. Of course this was cancelled, we were so gutted, we had bought the tickets for Gwen’s 21st Birthday present. It was going to be her first ever concert. We wanted to do something special. I set up our own concert for me, Ruth, Gwen and mum, I decorated the dining room, again the weather wasn’t nice enough to have our concert outside. We had concert food and drinks and played Little Mix into the night.

I really enjoyed my evening and by the sounds of it Gwen enjoyed too. Hopefully, one day we’ll get to take her to see Little Mix.


So that’s our theme’s so far, I know there’ll be a few more to tell you about. It’s been so fun and something so different to do. Let me know what your favourite theme has been that we’ve done and keep an eye out for the next few 🙂

Beth x

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