Festival Makeup (BBC R1’s Biggest Weekend)

If you don’t already know I was lucky enough to be able to attend BBC Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend on the 26th and 27th May with Ieuan (read my blog post ‘Our Biggest Weekend’ if you want to find out more). This was my first festival I’ve been to since taking an interest  in makeup so I thought I would log the makeup looks that I wore. Like I’ve said before I’m no makeup artists, I just enjoy it.



Today I was wearing a khaki army print dress, with a denim shirt and a pink raincoat and pink doc martins and I wanted to tie this pink into my look.

I started off with my moisturizer. I used the Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing moisturizer. I have quite combination skin and since using this I have found that the condition of my skin as improved immensely. Next I applied what I think was the most important step of the day and that was suncream. We were incredibly lucky with the weather this weekend but I wanted to make sure my skin was protected from any damage that could come through my makeup. I used the Garnier Ambre Solaire Clear Protect+ in factor 30 all over my face. I then went on to prime my face, when I am wearing a full face of makeup I like to use the Benefit Porefessional Primer on my nose, chin and forehead and then I spray some MAC Prep & Prime all over. I use the lavender Prep & Prime, and as ridiculous as it sounds I find that it helps with my anxiety when getting ready.


With my skin all ready I then moved on to foundation. I use Too Faced Born This Way foundation in the shade Snow. Unfortunately I bought the foundation online and it is slightly too dark for my pale skin so I mix in the Nip + Fab Foundation in Light Mixer. This is incredible, it lightens the foundation perfectly and I find it does not change the consistency or the coverage of the foundation. For a dewy and brighter look I also mix in a drop of Barry M Liquid Chrome highlighter drops in the shade Beam Me Up. I find this mixture is a perfect base for me. I blend this with a damp beauty blender.

Step 5

Once my foundation is all blended nicely, (I blend as much of the excess down my neck as well so there isn’t a harsh line on my chin) it’s time for concealer. I use the Collection Lasting Pefection concealer in fair, it is definitely one of my holy grail products. The coverage is amazing and it’s perfect for brightening my under eye. I just dab this over my blemishes, around and on my nose, under my eyes and in the center of my forehead again blended it out with a damp beauty blender. Once the concealer is all blended I set that base into place with NYX HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder mostly on my nose, chin and forehead.  I really like this powder for setting with a fluffy brush but I am not a fan of it for baking.

Now with the base fully done it was time to move on and add some colour and dimension to my face. I used Benefit Hula bronzer to bronze my cheeks, jaw, nose and forehead. I use a fluffy brush for this. To add a little more dimension I use a smaller brush and apply The Body Shop Shimmer Waves bronzer to my cheeks and then blend this out with the same brush as I used for the hula bronzer. I find using two different colours on my cheeks gives a more contoured look. Using the same brush from the second bronzer I then applied Kylie Cosmetics X Rated blush just above where I have bronzed. I love this blush, I didn’t really use blush before I got this one and now I don’t think I could go without it!

After these steps I feel a lot more alive and I know if this has gone well then I’m doing ok. Next is a hit or miss step and if I fail this step you can guarantee I’ll have a little melt down – brows. I use, and this again is a holy grail product for me, NYX Tame & Frame tinted brow pomade in Brunette and then I brush through some Collection Eyebrow kit gel. I’ve been through a lot of eyebrow products but this one is one I tried and loved and wont look back. I highlight after my brows and I do this by applying some Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Sunlight on my cheek bones, nose and cupids bow (only the tiniest amount on my cheek bones and cupids bow). I do think that Sunlight is a shade too dark for my skin tone but with a lot of blending I can make it work and I love love love the intensity of this glow. I then applied some of the Sleek Makeup Solstice Highlight Palette, I used the shade Subsolar. I applied this over where I had placed the enhancer drops to give them even more of a glow and I also placed some above my eyebrow arches on my forehead.

This is my face completely done. Before I moved on to my eyes and lips I sprayed some of my Mac Prep & Prime to set it all in to place.

Like I said above I wanted to tie in the pink I was wearing into my makeup look and I decided to do this in the lips today. So for my eyes I used my MAC Burgundy Times Nine eyeshadow palette which is a personal favourite of mine because Ieuan got it for me. I covered my whole lid in Quarry as a base colour. I used a blending brush and added Poppyseed into the crease and blending it out, to add dimension on to that I added Embark a little closer to the eye and blended that out. I wanted a simple look so to finish that off I added Honey Lust all over the lid and then re applied some Embark to make it blend together. I also added Quarry and Honey Lust to the bottom lash line and blended it out.

Step 15

Finally to finish off the eye look I applied Rimmel Scandal Eyes eyeliner above my lash line and Soap & Glory Thick & Fast super volume mascara on my top lashes.

I should have mentioned at the time that when I finished my face make up I applied the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Extreme-Plump to my lips in preparation for applying my lipstick. By the time I was ready to apply my lipstick my lips were primed and ready. I decided to use the Kyle Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Doll from the Koko Collection. This colour matched my pink raincoat perfectly. I love Kylie’s lipsticks, they last forever so I knew it would be brilliant for a festival.

Lastly it was time for glitter, I could not go to a festival without some glitter!  I used The Dancing Unicorn Glitter that I got from Boohoo. It was so nice and chunky. I used Paint Glow Glitter Me Up Fix Gel to stick this to my face. I applied the gel with a cotton bud above my eyebrows and used the same cotton bud to dab on the glitter on top. I don’t have any pictures of these products (sorry). I then used Mac Prep & Prime to set this all into place.


There we have my finished makeup look for the first day of BBC Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend. I was very happy with how it turned out and it did last all day of sun and sweating and Ieuan kissing and touching my face. The only part that moved was my nose due to sunglasses and kissing but a little blend with my finger sorted that out.


Today I was wearing black shorts with a pink bandeau under a white vest top with Demi Lovato printed on it with my pink doc martins and rain coat. I wanted to again tie pink into my makeup look to match the pink elements in my outfit.

Step 1 through to 13 are all exactly the same as the day before so I wont go into that again. I used the NYX Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder in Twilight tint as todays highlight on top of the Cover FX. This is so pigmented and shiny I love it. I placed it in the same places as usual (on top of the Cover FX drops and above my eyebrow arch on my forehead).

Step 14

Face all ready again I sprayed Mac Prep & Prime to set it all into place. I wanted to tie the pink into todays outfit through the eyes so I decided to use the NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in Brights and the Zoeva Rose Golden palette. Firstly I used the Zoeva palette shade in Luster all over the eye as a base colour. I then went in with the second colour in of the first row in the NYX palette which is a gorgeous pink shade, I took that into the crease and blended out. In the crease again I added the third colour of the second row which is more of a reddy pink to add some dimension. I then took a small amount of the first purple colour in the palette and added this to the crease and going back in with the first pink colour blended these out. Once I was happy with this blend I used my collection concealer and a flat brush over the inner half of my lid and I cut the crease. Over the concealer I used the Sleek Makeup Solstice Highlight palette in the shade Subsolar and blended this into the pink. I used the first pink colour on my lower lash line and blended it out.

I used the same eyeliner as the day before but today I did a small wing liner, I always like to do a wing with a bright eye as it opens the eye up a little. I also used the same mascara as the day before too. As I had such a bright eye with a lot going on I wanted a simple lip so I used the Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighting drops in Beam Me Up lightly over my lips.

Today I wanted to tie the glitter into my outfit too so I decided to go for a black glitter look. I also decided to use some face gems for some extra festival glam. I used Glitter Palace Loose Gem Tiara gems and stuck them with Beauty Bakerie Sprinkles Glue. I then used the same Glitter gel as the day before to stick some Barry M Glitter Rush Body Glitter in ONYX (I think?) under my eye again using a cotton bud.

Setting all of this into place with Mac Prep & Prime again.


There we have my finished makeup look for the second day of BBC Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend. I was again happy with my look, if I had more time to get ready I think I would have made my eyes a lot bolder but for the time I had I was happy. Like the day before it lasted all day through the sun, sweat and kissing (again except the nose). The only thing that didn’t last was my face gems. Two fell off and because of this the boys took it upon themselves to flick off the rest. Apart from that I was happy with the whole look.

Thank you for reading my first ever makeup blog! I will hopefully improve the more I do. If anyone has any tips then please feel free to leave me a comment! Also if anyone wants to see some looks let me know!

Beth x

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