Highlight collection

Number 5 and one of my favourites! – GLOW. I have a few glows for different occasions but I think I do love them all equally. My highlighter collection quite small at the moment but is definitely one that wont be getting any smaller!

I was left extremely shimmery after doing this one but I think I loved it!!

I first had one of these in ‘Sunlight’ and I LOVED it, I was constantly using it. When that ran out I decided to go for ‘Celestial’ as sunlight was actually way to dark for my skin so I had to blend it out and buff it a lot. I can’t really say I reach for this as much as I did my older one. I think it’s maybe because I have found the most gorgeous powder highlight that is just easier to use. I still do really love this and might give it another go and see if I can fall back into love with it. I do really like mixing this in with my foundation to give more of a glowy look, so I definitely do use this often enough.

My holy grail, best thing ever, will use til I DIE highlighter. Ofra – Glazed Donut. YES YES YES. I just love this. It’s blinding, the colour is stunning. The swatch really does not to it justice, it’s GORGEOUS. I love using this. The first time I ever did I was sat there with my face wide open like WOW. I feel so amazing with this on. I want to try some different shades, don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with this but I want to see what else they have!

This MUA highlight is my go to every day one. It’s cute and subtle but still gives you a really nice glow. I think for the price it’s amazing. I didn’t think I’d like a pink toned highlight as much as I do but this one is a big yes from me.

This one really did not swatch well but I can guarantee it’s a really pretty highlight. I had it as a gift from my mum and dad at Christmas, its AVON and I really like it. Like the MUA one it’s really subtle. This one is more of a golden glow – which you wouldn’t guess from the pink and the blue but when you use a brush and ‘swoosh’ them all together it’s actually a really beautiful highlight. When I am feeling a more subtle champagne glow then this is the one.

Ah an old classic. This is a highlighter I have had FOREVER (not this exact one, this is a relatively new one!). I have loved this one. I am really annoyed with how badly it swatches and I’ve never noticed that before! But on the face there is no denying this is stunning. This is my go to travel highlight for holidays. I will definitely be taking this this year. The only problem is I do not use the cream one in here. In all the pans of this I have ever owned that one colour goes untouched. I even use the purple, but the creme is just a no for me. I usually mix the two bottom shades.

Short and sweet, that’s my glow collection. I did expect it to be bigger before I found all of my glows but I guess having a few you really love is better than having loads of ‘meh’ ones!

What’s your favourite glow?

Beth x



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