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I have decided to do a little series on my page, starting with this one, of all of my makeup collection. It is continuously growing and I thought I had enough bits to be able to show you what I have! The series probably wont be weekly, one after the other, as I have a few other posts that will be coming in between them all, but they’ll be a couple now and again.

Recently I have seen do a few similar posts to this and I have really enjoyed reading them. So check that page out too!

As you can see by the title of this post I will be showing you what makeup brushes I have in my collection, which ones I use the most and what I use them for etc. I had just washed them so it was a perfect time to give them a little photo shoot! If you’d like to learn more about my makeup brush collection then keep reading!

Firstly here is my storage – I have only recently purchased this makeup brush holder and I LOVE it. It’s by the Zoeva brand (although I have none of their brushes.. yet) and I got it from Beautybay for £10.50 I believe. I was expecting something bigger, I’m not sure why but I was. But this size holder is perfect! It holds all my brushes and I have room if I ever wanted to invest in more. Even if this one filled up I would definitely buy another.


I have a few different brands and types of face brush. Admittedly, I use some a lot more than others. I use some for everyday, some for full glam, some for fancy dress and really some almost never!

My probably oldest face brushes are my Real Techniques ones. Cult classic and they do the job! The first is a stippling brush and I used to use this religiously, now not so much. I found that it made certain foundations really streaky and moved on to a beauty blender soon after realising this was my preferred application. The next is a foundation brush and I liked this one for everyday light foundation and concealer application, the only reason I stopped using it for this was because I got a new one. I now use this to contour my nose (not very successfully might I add). Next is a sculpting brush, again, barely used. I’m not really sure what I got it for or what I usually used it for. Now it’s just there to defuse any over applied highlight on my cheek bones! I think I did use this to apply some colour to my face during Halloween makeup practice. The next one I continuously forget I even have, it’s so unused I didn’t even need to wash it the past 3 times I have washed my brushes.  I can’t even think what it is, a foundation brush? Looking at it now I might see what it’s like applying highlight to my cheek bones! Next an actual regularly used one! Actually both next ones are used a lot. A contour brush and a buffing brush, both used for my bronzer/contour. The bigger one I use for lighter bronzer on my cheek bones, forehead and under my jaw, it’s great to just blend that into the skin. The smaller one I take a darker bronze and pop it right on the end of my face just to deepen out the cheek bones. Then I go back in with the bigger one to blend blend blend.

The next brushes I have were gifted to me. The first one is from Avon and is super cute. It’s not a very dense brush so I have been using it to apply highlight to my cheek bones. The next ones are by a brand ‘NudebyNature’ and although never hearing of the brand I really love them. These have taken over my makeup routine really! The first is a powder brush, blush brush, concealer brush and foundation brush and they are all the ones I reach for when doing my makeup now. I really like them.

The next lot is more of a random lot. The first two are MUA brushes. The fan brush was a free gift and barely used as a result. I just have a preferred way to apply my highlight. I did give it a good go but went back to my preferred way pretty quickly. I actually purchased the blush brush and really do love it. It’s slightly more dense than the above NudebyNature brush so if I want a brighter blush look then I reach for this one. Next are again barely used and I don’t even know the brand. I got them from TX Maxx during the time when this type of brush came out and was all the rage. But they’re just not for me. Next is my first ever proper purchased by myself brush. I completely forget the brand but this was my go to powder brush for years and now I have a new one it’s kind of taken a back seat but something in my doesn’t want to get rid. The last one, again I don’t know the brand. It literally just says ‘contour’ on it. I actually got this for halloween looks. It was dense and big so I thought it would be great for applying colour all over my face, and that’s what I used it for and it was great. More recently it is my go to brush for blending out liquid contour. I use Revoloution conceal and define SPARINGLY on my cheeks, forehead and jawline and use this to blend and I love it.

Lastly, we have my unicorn brushes. These aren’t spectrum or unicorn, they are just a set I got off Amazon because they were cute. I am missing a few from the set here, some I use for eyes and some I have just given to friends because I don’t use them. Another blush brush and again not used, I really do not reach for it, sometimes I will use it to blend out highlight. Powder brush, big nope from me. It’s literally not dense at all. Doesn’t do it’s job. I think the next one is a flat foundation brush and to be fair I would probably use it for that if I didn’t have others. I use this to pack setting powder under my eyes before I use a big powder brush for the rest of my face just to ensure they’re set. Lastly, this is my highlight brush and I just love how it works, it’s fluffy enough to give a good blend but dense enough to pick up enough product.



Real Techniques starting off this area too. My oldest and most loved brushes. As you can see my first one has a kink in it, I have actually sat on it, but it still works! Its a very dense little brush that I love using to pack colour in the crease or outer corner before blending out with the last one here my bold metals brush. This is my most loved and favourite eye brush my far. It’s just the most perfect size, shape and density to really blend everything perfectly. The middle brush has actually been hiding amongst my face brushes for a while but this little ‘detailer’ brush is definitely going to be put to use on my eyes.

Next we have gifted brushes again and as you can see they have come with the above sets. I didn’t know how much I needed the first two brushes until I got them and used them. They’re great, they’re dense but soft so work perfectly to blend and add colour. The next brush I didn’t think I would use, but looking at it and comparing it to my current eyebrow brush I think I might give it a go and see how I like it.

Another amazon set now, by the brand ‘Qivange’ and I really did not have high hopes for these at all. They were so cheap and cheerful why would I? But oh my god I was wrong. These brushes are incredible! They do every job that you would possibly ever need. They have all shapes and sizes and the quality and performance is just something else. I love them so much and their quality has not deteriorated with washes or use. They’re just fantastic. This isn’t even the full set as my sister has pinched some to use herself!


Next is a bit of a random bunch again. The first one I got for small details on halloween looks again and although similar to the one I said I would try for my brows it’s a little smaller so I think it will be kept for small details when needed. Next are my echotools ones. A spoolie for brow brushing and then I got the ‘angled liner’ brush for my eyebrows and this is what I currently use to apply my pomade. The small black one was my first ever ever eye brush and it’s well loved. Unfortunately for it, it’s now used to apply glitters and glues so he’s taking a bashing.

The rest of my unicorn brushes. Just basic flat brushes and a blending one. Honestly, not used as much as my others but still handy when needed.


Not exactly brushes but I do use them so thought they ought to be included. Admittedly, the first thing here is a brush. I used to use this for foundation and concealer constantly but since getting the new ones I thought I would use this for facemasks in the future. I have a lot of them (as you’ll find out) and I have heard using a brush to apply is really a ‘game changer’ so we will see about that. I have two real techniques sponges that are my go to for applying if I don’t fancy using a brush. Orange one for full face and liquid highlight and pink one for under eyes and blemishes. I know that there are a lot of other beauty blenders that people say are amazing but the Real Techniques ones are just so accessible in boots that I always go back to them. The green one is just a random brand that I couldn’t tell you and it’s a lot squishier and expands a lot more than a regular beauty blender. I just got this one for halloween makeup again and don’t reach for it on an everyday basis, but it’s nice to have something to use instead of ruining a good blender. The last one is I believe a superdrug own, I got it as a gift. It’s a really dense sponge so I find it’s great for picking up powder to bake.

And there we have it, my ever growing makeup brush collection and my first of my little series complete. I didn’t realise how many brushes I have and don’t use so it’s made me consider as to whether they’ll be better re homed or thrown. It’s definitely something to consider!

Let me know what you thought of my first post in my collection and what you think my next one will be! Do you have any holy grail brushes that I am missing from my collection?

Beth x

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